Dispensing Optician Clinical Practice II

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Dispensing Opticianry
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DOPT 1210
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Course Description
This course provides learning opportunities for students in the Dispensing Optician Program to apply knowledge and skills from related semester one theory and laboratory courses to the optical dispensary. Students will be placed into retail optical dispensaries, and will complete their dispensing skills under direct supervision of a Licensed Eyecare Professional and program instructor.
Course Content
  1. Introduction
  • Assignment of student to Optical Dispensary and supervising Licensed Eyecare Professional
  • Clinical objectives
  • Professionalism in the dispensary
  • Frame Analysis and Procedure
    • Identify materials and fitting design philosophy
    • Identifying frame part functions
    • Verifying manufacturers specifications
    • Neutral frame alignment
    • Adjusting frames on patients
    • Selecting frames with patients
  • Single Vision Lens Analysis and Procedure
    • Acquiring product knowledge
    • Interpreting the refractionist’s prescription
    • Applying product knowledge to patient requirements
    • Measuring interpupillary distance
    • Measuring back vertex distance
    • Prescription dispensing forms
    • Verifying the completed product
    • Dispensing the completed eyeglasses
  • Multifocal/Progressive Lens Analysis and Procedure
    • Acquiring product knowledge
    • Interpreting the refractionist’s prescription
    • Applying product knowledge to patient requirements
    • Measuring the near pupil distance
    • Measuring the main reference point position for multifocal and progressive lens placement
    • Prescription dispensing and laboratory ordering forms
    • Verifying the completed eyeglasses
    • Dispensing the completed eyeglasses
    • Patient product care training
  • Analyzing Prior Prescriptions and Fitting Methods
    • Neutralizing prior prescriptions
    • Determine lens material and type
    • Determine ocular centre and reference point placement
    • Interpreting patient usage and results
  • Problem Solving / Patient Adaptation
    • Interpreting patient concerns
    • Analysis of frame fitting
    • Verifying lens power, optical centres and reference points
    • Verifying visual acuity with prescription
    • Communication with the refractionist
    • Professional behaviour and patient advisement          
  • Professional Dispensing Development
    • Customer acknowledgment
    • The positive approach
    • Choosing product by price
    • Patient follow up care
    • Dispensing your customer’s completed eyeglasses
    Methods Of Instruction
    1. Student to complete 7 ½ hours of work each week with an optical retail supervisor
    2. Independent study of courseware
    3. Regular site visits and practical assessments will be conducted by the instructor
    Means of Assessment

    This is a mastery course. Evaluation will be based on course objectives and will be consistent with College policies on course evaluation.

    Students will receive detailed outlines of performance expectations at the beginning of the course.

    Evaluation for mastery will include the following components:

    • Satisfactory performance of objectives as assessed by the course instructor and in conjunction with the supervising Licensed Eyecare Professional.

    Evaluation records will be completed by the course instructor following consultation with the student and with the supervising Licensed Eyecare Professional.       

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon successful completion the student will be able to:

    1. Identify frame fitting philosophies
    2. Apply appropriate frame fitting to facial shapes and contours
    3. Align frames to neutral position and adjust frames to patient needs
    4. Interpret prescription and patient requirements and dispense appropriate lenses and frames
    5. Interpret multifocal prescriptions
    6. Measure patient’s pupil distance for both distance and reading vision
    7. Measure back vertex distance
    8. Measure major reference point for fitting of single vision, multifocal and progressive lenses
    9. Complete prescription dispensing forms for lens and frame ordering and patient record keeping
    10. Analyze patient’s prior eyeglasses for purpose of prior fitting method
    11. Fit and dispense prescriptions for high powered lenses
    12. Fit and dispense prescriptions for special needs patients
    13. Solve patient problems with prescription adaptation
    14. Retain a foundation to build professional dispensing skills
    Textbook Materials

    Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students      

    A list of required and optional textbooks and materials is provided for students at the beginning of each semester.


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