Dispensing Optician Eyeglass Practicum

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Dispensing Opticianry
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DOPT 1310
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Course Description
This course provides learning opportunities for students in the Dispensing Optician Program to consolidate knowledge and skills gained in all of the first year courses. Students will be placed within an optical dispensary under the supervision of a licensed eye care professional who will act as a supervisor. Students will be expected to carry out the workload of a beginning dispensing Optician (eyeglasses) at the conclusion of the course.
Course Content
  1. Introduction
    • Assignment to optical supervisor
    • Supervisor objectives
    • Orientation with supervising Optician
  2. Application of Theory and Skills
    • Instrumentation
    • Lens Dispensing
    • Frame Dispensing
    • Product Knowledge
      • lens materials and functions
      • frame materials and functions
    • Laboratory Process
      • edging and finishing
      • insertion and alignment
      • prescription verification
      • plastic lens tinting
      • repairing and soldering
    • Optical Considerations Arising in
      • fitting and dispensing high myopia and hyperoipia
      • strabismus in children
      • special needs for presbyopia
      • fitting anisometropia patients
      • fitting aphakic patients
  3. Application of Communication Skills
    • Interaction with Patient
      • professional and ethical behaviour
      • telephone communication
      • initiating contact
      • recognizing underlying messages
      • using questions appropriately
      • developing motivational selling strategies
      • handling customer complaints
    • Written Communication
      • patient dispensing files
      • laboratory order forms
      • inventory ordering/receiving forms
      • doctor/patient follow-up letter
      • business letters
      • report writing
  4. Application of Business Skills
    • Record Keeping
      • Patient files
      • Inventory tracking
      • Shipping/receiving
Methods Of Instruction

Student will work a 35-hour week in the practice setting over a 6-week period, under the direction of an Optician who will act as a supervisor.  They will participate as a team member of the staff in the dispensary setting, providing service to patients regarding eyeglass dispensing and preparation.  Regular site visits and practical assessments will be conducted by the instructor.

Means of Assessment

This is a mastery course. Evaluation will be based on course objectives and will be consistent with College policies on course evaluation. Evaluation for mastery will include an assessment of performance by the supervising Optician, and the completion of the Clinical Practice Manual by the students.

Student will receive detailed outlines of performance expectations at the beginning of the course.

Evaluation for mastery will include the following component:

  • Satisfactory performance of objectives as assessed by the course instructor and in conjunction with the supervising Optician.

Evaluation records will be completed by the course instructor following consultation with the student and with the supervising Optician.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion the student will be able to:

  1. Apply theory and skills from all first year courses in the following activities:
    • Knowledge of instruments, equipment and tools used in the process of eyeglass dispensing, surfacing, edging, plastic lens tinting and frame repair
    • Demonstrate professional and ethical skills when communicating with patients, staff and others within the clinical setting
    • Handle customer complaints
    • Appropriate interpersonal and written communication within the clinical setting
    • Appropriate documentation and record keeping
    • Accounting and inventory as they relate to a small business
    • Fashion and sales knowledge to eye glass dispensing
    • Computer usage relevant to the practice setting

Textbook Materials

Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students

A list of required and optional textbooks and materials is provided for students at the beginning of each semester.


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