Curriculum Guideline

Early Childhood Education (Certificate)

Effective Date:
Program Code
Applied Community Studies
Early Childhood Education
Credential Type
Transcript Title
Early Child Education Cert.
Date of First Offering
Start Term
End Term
Not Specified
Certificate in Early Childhood Education (possible Aboriginal Stream specialization)
Length of Program
Three semesters
Admissions Requirements

Applicants must meet the admission requirements listed below:

  • General College Admission Requirements
  • Be age 18 by December 31st of the year you enter the program.
  • Suitability is determined on the basis of an overview of an applicant's emotional stability, physical health, formal education, the ability to work in a team setting and life experience.
  • Two letters of reference from individuals who are not related to you (character references from reputable community members and/or individuals familiar with your experience in working with young children). Reference letters should not be written by the person who completes your volunteer verification form. If you have an ECE basic license to practice, you would complete a work history form which includes references.
  • Complete and show evidence of 20 hours of volunteer or work experience in a licensed Early Childhood Education setting with children from birth to age six. The 20 hours documentation of volunteer or work experience form must be complete and submitted prior to enrollment in practicum courses.
  • Complete a Criminal Record Check (information will be provided by Enrolment Services).
  • Complete a medical declaration or assessment indicating a satisfactory level of physical and emotional health. The workload of the programs and the close contact with individuals in practical settings require students to be in good mental and physical health.
  • NOTE:  Applicants who have completed 9 or more post-secondary credits must be in good academic standing (with a minimum GPA of 1.5) for admission to any ACS program.
Curriculum Framework

Graduation Requirements:

  • Successful completion of 43.5 credits
  • 25% (12 credits) of all coursework must be completed at Douglas College

Course Requirements:

Course Number Course Title Credits
Year I
ECED 1155 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 1.50
ECED 1241 Positive Guidance in Early Childhood Programs 3.00
ECED 1125 Promoting Healthy Practices in Early Childhood Education 3.00
ECED 1200 Growth and Development: Preschool Years 3.00
ECED 1211 Professional Growth and Communication 3.00
ECED 1220 Methods for Inclusive Play-Based Programmes for Young Children l 3.00
ECED 1231 ECE Curriculum l 3.00
ECED 1285 Early Childhood Education Practicum I   3.00
ECED 1121 Transforming and Teaching: Observing and Documenting the Learning and Care of Young Children 3.00
Select one course from the following two options:
CMNS 1110 Workplace Writing for CFCS 3.00
ENGL 1130 Academic Writing 3.00
Year I Total Credits   28.50
Year II
ECED 2305 Growth and Development: Birth Through Early School Years 3.00
ECED 2361 Indigenous Worldview and Early Childhood Education 3.00
ECED 2331 ECE Curriculum II       3.00
ECED 2320

Methods for Inclusive Play-Based Programmes for Young Children ll

ECED 2385 Early Childhood Education Practicum II   3.00
Year II Total Credits   15.00