Curriculum Guideline

Clinical Procedures I

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Course Code
PNUR 2130
Clinical Procedures I
Nursing - Psychiatric
Health Sciences
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Not Specified
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Method Of Instruction
Methods Of Instruction

Students will learn clinical procedure skills through a variety of means including lecture, observation, audio-visual aids, demonstration, simulations and case studies. Students will have an opportunity to practice skills in a laboratory setting.

Course Description
Students are introduced to theory and principles associated with foundational skills of psychiatric nursing practice. These include assisting clients with their activities of daily living (personal care), body mechanics involved with caring for individuals and an introduction to principles of medication administration.
Course Content
  • handwashing
  • use of disposable gloves
  • standard precaution/chain of infection
  • moving, lifting and transferring clients
  • use of mechanical lifts
  • head to toe assessment
  • discontinuing a urinary catheter
  • range of motion exercises
  • vital signs, TPR, BP
  • height and weight
  • tub bath, bed bath and shower
  • oral airway insertion
  • oral care
  • perineal care
  • dressing an adult
  • applying adult briefs
  • bed making
  • administration of oral meds (introduction)
  • collecting specimens (sputum, stool, urine)
  • administration of enemas and rectal suppositories
  • positioning
  • use of TED stockings/application of tensors and slings
  • isolation techniques
  • pulse oximetry
  • neurovascular assessment (basic)
  • holistic health assessment
  • care of the unconscious client
Learning Outcomes

In this course the student will be introduced to the Douglas College Department of Psychiatric Nursing Curricular threads (wellness - illness continuum, Professional values, Professional caring and health care delivery system) and domains (person, environment, health, psychiatric nursing) to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes related to clinical procedures when caring for the healthy person.

Means of Assessment

The course evaluation is consistent with Douglas College evaluation policy. An evaluation schedule is presented at the beginning of the course.


This is a graded course.

Textbook Materials

A list of required and optional textbooks and materials is provided for students at the beginning of each semester.