Administrative Procedures

Commerce & Business Administration
Office Administration
Course Code
OADM 1344
Semester Length
15 weeks
Max Class Size
Method Of Instruction
Typically Offered
To be determined


Course Description
This project-based course focuses on meetings, travel and conference planning, revising and using procedures manuals, archiving, retaining and destroying documents, and creating slideshow presentations. Students will learn and use project management tools and techniques.

THIS COURSE MUST BE TAKEN AT THE SAME TIME AS OADM 1350 - Office Simulation. (Students not in the Administrative Assistant Certificate program who wish to take this course alone must obtain a co-requisite waiver from the instructor.)
Course Content

Slideshow Presentation

  • create slideshow to be used by supervisor

Preparing for, Participating in, and Recording Meetings

  • arranging time, date, and place; sending out notices of meeting; preparing the agenda; following up; preparing and distributing minutes
  • planning for refreshments and food; setting up equipment and supplies; assembling material
  • participating actively in meetings
  • arranging for and participating in a meeting using virtual application or software

Conference Planning

  • finding suitable workshop(s) for a special learning objective; for example, team building
  • making arrangements for a group of employees to attend workshop(s)
  • arranging for meals and transportation to and from workshop(s)
  • preparing motivational brochure to generate interest in the conference and to provide a schedule of events
  • distributing expense vouchers to attendees

Travel Planning

  • using the Internet for researching and booking travel arrangements
  • preparing travel itineraries and flight schedules
  • using the Internet to book accommodation
  • preparing facsimile to send travel itineraries

Procedures Manuals

  • using procedures manuals
  • proofreading and revising procedure manuals

Records Management (Archiving/Retention/Destruction of Documents)

  • using a retention schedule to determine which files can be destroyed
    • understanding CRA rules for records retention

Project Management

  • setting goals, dividing a project into manageable segments, setting task completion deadlines, organizing equipment and materials, delegating, and following up using time management tools, such as a GANTT chart
Methods Of Instruction

Students will learn through short lectures, research, self-study, class discussions, virtual meetings, individual projects, formal teamwork projects and group activities. Projects will be managed using project management techniques including GANTT charts. Application of computer skills will be required.

Course progress will be structured to coordinate with OADM 1350 Office Simulation.

Means of Assessment
Projects (minimum of two)* 40 - 60%
Assignments 20 - 25%
Quizzes 20 - 25%
Employability Skills (assessed at least twice) 0 - 10%
TOTAL 100%

Evaluation will take place in accordance with the Douglas College Evaluation Policy.

There are no assessments requiring oral presentations in this course.

* No single assessment can be over 40%

Learning Outcomes

The learner has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. understand and articulate the role of the administrative assistant.
  2. research and evaluate, organize, cite, and present information in appropriate business formats.
  3. revise and use procedures manuals.
  4. use records retention and organization systems to determine which documents should be destroyed.
  5. use slide presentation software to create slideshows to be presented by a supervisor.
  6. plan, implement, and coordinate multifaceted projects.
  7. plan, organize, and participate effectively in meetings, both face-to-face and virtually.
  8. plan and coordinate travel arrangements and conferences.
  9. think critically and work independently on both formal and informal teams.
  10. use time management skills to meet deadlines.
Textbook Materials

Required: Kilgour, Lauralee et al. Administrative Procedures for the Canadian Office, Latest Edition. Toronto: Prentice Hall Canada Inc.

Optional: Campbell, Joan. Pitman Office Handbook, Latest Edition. Toronto: Pearson Canada Inc.

Or other textbooks as approved by the department.


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Winter 2021

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