Physical Education and Coaching (Minor)


Is fitness your passion? Are you an active person who loves sports and exercise? A Minor in Physical Education and Coaching can help put you on a career path to becoming a physiotherapist, chiropractor, coach, teacher and more.

The minor in Physical Education and Coaching is an option for any student who is not in the Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching program. It consists of 15 of the 3000/4000 level Sport Science credits.

Depending on which courses you choose, you’ll study leadership in sports, physical education and coaching, athletic injury assessment and management, approaching teaching and coaching through games, research methods and more.

Transfer your credits to university

All courses in the Physical Education and Coaching minor transfer to the research universities in B.C.

NOTE: International students are not currently eligible for this program. For more information, contact Douglas College International.

Admissions Requirements


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Program Requirements

Curriculum Framework

The minor in Physical Education and Coaching is an option for any non-BPEC degree student who completes 15.0 of the following 3000/4000 level Sport Science credits:

SPSC 3158 Inclusive Physical Activity 3
SPSC 3240 Leadership in Sport, Physical Education and Coaching 3
SPSC 3276 Athletic Injury Assessment and Management 3
SPSC 3399 Games Approach to Teaching and Coaching


SPSC 4199 Physical Education and Coaching Methods 3
SPSC 4231 Advanced Sport and Exercise Psychology 3
SPSC 4291 Curriculum and Planning Issues in Physical Education and Coaching 3
SPSC 3203 Health Promotion 3
SPSC 3256 Research Methods in Sport Science, Physical Education, and Recreation 3
SPSC 4161 Fitness Assessment and Prescription


SPSC 4256 Sport Science Applied Research 3

Program Guidelines

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