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More than ever, we need to connect, witness, and take action for a better tomorrow.

Join us as we explore and uncover the wide-ranging social impacts of COVID-19. Panels and community dialogue sessions will feature stories, lived experience, arts and culture. This event series will zero in on sexual and gender-based violence, mental health and well-being, anti-racism and decolonization, and what we as individuals and a society can – and should – do in these novel times.


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Our Speakers

Nadira Aleaf - SHIFT Landing Photo

Nadira Aleaf

MA Student,
Sociology, SFU

Cicely Blain - SHIFT Landing Photo

Cicely Belle


Kate Boyer Landing Photo - SHIFT Conference

Dr. Kate Boyer

Geography and Planning, Cardiff University

Sam Bradd - SHIFT Landing Photo

Sam Bradd

Graphic Facilitator, Drawing Change

Ana Brito photo - landing page

Ana Brito

Douglas College; Student, SFU

Amber Brown - SHIFT Landing Photo

Amber Brown

Student, Douglas College

Jakub Burkowicz - SHIFT Landing photo


Douglas College

Seren Friskie - SHIFT Landing Page Photo

Seren Friskie

Foundry BC


SHIFT Logo Generic Landing Photo

Rim Gacimi

iMPACTS, Douglas College;
Student, UBC

Maria Gonzalez - SHIFT Landing Photo

Maria Gonzalez Gomez

Student, Douglas College

Marjorie Grimston - SHIFT Landing Photo


Student, Douglas College

Nathan Hall - SHIFT Landing Photo

Nathan Hall

ELLA, Douglas College


Tracy Ho Photo - SHIFT Landing Page

Tracy Ho

Advocacy, Douglas Students' Union

Carla Hotel Photo - SHIFT Landing Photo

Carla Hotel

Criminology, Douglas College


Dalya Israel Photo - SHIFT Landing Page

Dalya Israel

Executive Director, WAVAW


Tracy London - SHIFT Landing Photo

Tracy London

(Executive Director,
Foundation &
Alumni Relations, Douglas College)

Heather MacArthur - SHIFT Landing Photo

Heather MacArthur

Research Associate, University of Windsor


Michaela McGuire - SHIFT Landing Photo

Michaela McGuire

PhD Student, Criminology, SFU

Brian McLennon - SHIFT Landing Photo

Brian McLennon

Athletics and Recreation,
Douglas College


SHIFT Logo Generic Landing Photo

Amanda McMeeken

Student, Douglas College


Vanessa Le Mercier - SHIFT Landing Photo

Vanessa Le Mercier

Indigenous Representative, Douglas
Students' Union

Sebastian Munshaw photo - landing page

Sebastian Munshaw

Student, Douglas College


Anuschka Naidoo photo - landing page

Anuschka Naidoo

Counselling Services, Douglas College

Rachael Newton - SHIFT Landing Photo

Rachael Newton

Business Management, Douglas College


SHIFT Logo Generic Landing Photo

Janet Ochola

Douglas College


Jed Palad - SHIFT Landing Photo

Jed Palad

New Westminster Representative,
Douglas Students' Union

Sarah Paynter- SHIFT Landing Photo

Sarah Paynter

Geography, Douglas College


Charmaine Perkins - SHIFT Landing Photo

Dr. Charmaine Perkins

Criminology, Douglas College


Holly Salmon - SHIFT Landing Photo

Holly Salmon

Learning Centre, Douglas College


Kayvon Sarfehjooy Landing Photo - SHIFT Conference


Music Technology, Douglas College

Erin Smith Photo - SHIFT Landing Page

Erin Smith

Counselling Services, Douglas College


Lisa Smith - SHIFT Landing Photo

Lisa Smith

Sociology, Douglas College


SHIFT Logo Generic Landing Photo

Sarah Towle

iMPACTS, MA Student, McGill University

James Witwicki Photo - SHIFT Landing Page

James Witwicki



About us

Meet all the amazing individuals who made SHIFT possible.

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Anti-Racism Statement

SHIFT endeavours to create an anti-racist, anti-colonial space for healing, discussion and unlearning.

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Community Guidelines

Guidelines and group agreements for SHIFT participants. 

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Resources & Support

Provides free and confidential services to women who have experienced sexual assault. Services include counselling, support groups, victim services, support services specific to Indigenous women, a 24-hour crisis line and hospital accompaniment.

Crisis Line: 604-255-6344 


Provides free and confidential services to women and girls who have experienced violence. Services include crisis support, counselling, support groups, victim services, legal advocacy and specialized support programs for Latina and Indigenous women.  

Crisis and Intake Line: 604-687-1867 


Provides free and confidential services including Stopping the Violence counselling, multicultural victim services, support groups for immigrant and refugee women, the Men in Change program, and legal advocacy for refugees and immigrants.

Contact: 604-254-9626 


Provides services for men including counselling, victim services and support groups.  

Call: 604-682-6482 


Provides free counselling and support groups for LGBTQ2S people in B.C.. 

Call: 604-684-5307 ext. 100 


24 hour crisis line that specializes in providing information and referral regarding community, government and social services in BC 

Call: 2-1-1 


Emotional Support, Crisis Response and Suicide Safety - free, confidential and low barrier.

24/7 phone support:

  • 1800-SUICDE (1-800-784-2433)
  • 310-6789 (no area code)

Online support (noon to 1am):

Resource centre for women who experience gendered violence and misogyny.


Provides information and referral services to all victims of crime, and immediate crisis support to victims of family and sexual violence.

Toll-free, BC-wide telephone help line, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 1-800-563-0808 


Provides free and confidential services to people of all genders over the age of 13 who have been sexually assaulted within the last seven days. Services include assessment and treatment of injuries and sexually transmitted infections; pregnancy prevention; forensic sample collection; medical reports for police; and referrals to health, legal and community-based support services. The service is survivor-centred and clients choose what option works best for them. Nurses and doctors are on call 24 hours a day and will arrive within 30 minutes.

Female patients may arrange for a Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) support worker to meet them at the hospital by calling 604 255 6344. 


Free and confidential services, including counselling, crisis services and legal advocacy. Provides 24-hour crisis line and services to accompany folks to the hospital and assist with making a police report. The service is available for people of all genders, and supports sex workers.  

Crisis Line: 604-583-1295 


Trans Care BC’s care coordination team helps connect people in B.C. to gender-affirming health and wellness supports. Based out of Vancouver, the small team includes health navigators, nurses, peers and admin support staff. The team works alongside service providers and community contacts from across the province to help people find care and support as close to home as possible. Provides support groups and counselling.

Connect through their website or call 1 866 999 1514.


West Coast LEAF is the first and only organization in B.C. dedicated to using the law as a strategy to work toward an equal and just society for all women and people who experience gender-based discrimination.

Phone: 604-684-8772