Anti-Racism Statement

The SHIFT Organizing Committee is committed to the continued fight against systemic racism, white supremacy, and settler colonialism, which pervade the past and present of what is now called “Canada" 

College View

We acknowledge that we are all part of this system and that educational institutions, such as schools, colleges and universities, play a key role in the past, present and future. In addition to understanding historical violence, including residential school systems and the Sixties Scoop, we seek to highlight the ongoing struggles and violence experienced by IBPOC folx as part of everyday life and across our communities. There is still so much work to do to create spaces that are truly equitable and free from violence and oppression.

We also acknowledge that there are clear gaps in the SHIFT organizing committee and stories that we will not be able to tell. We hope that this event series has a lasting impact on the Douglas College community and beyond and plants the seed for ongoing dialogue, discussion and action.

As we continue to listen, learn and unlearn, our commitment with SHIFT is one of allyship, solidarity and the continued understanding of the intersections between systemic racism, education, sexual violence and the work our committee does.

Please see community guidelines for details on acceptable and unacceptable behaviour at SHIFT and our efforts to create an antiracist, anticolonial space for healing, discussion and unlearning.


This statement has drawn on the following resources

*This statement was drafted by Deyvika Srinivasa, in collaboration with the SHIFT Organizing Committee.