Community Guidelines

Our community guidelines

We expect all participants to be respectful and use language that is in alignment with our speakers’ stated pronouns and identity preferences. 

Topics discussed at SHIFT may be triggering for some participants. We encourage everyone to be aware of their needs and utilize the safe space resources provided on the SHIFT webpage. 

The following will not be tolerated at SHIFT, and violations may result in removal from the event: 

  • Any discriminatory language based on race, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, religion or any other protected category. 

  • Any hurtful or derogatory language. 

  • Any bullying, harassment, or behaviour or interactions that could threaten or intimidate other participants. 

Due to the sensitive nature of the event topic, it is important to respect the privacy of other participants and not disclose the personal information of other attendees. 

Have concerns?

If any participant feels that these guidelines have been violated, they can voice their concerns to
Email Us