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Fieldwork III

Course Code: SPSC 3201
Faculty: Science & Technology
Department: Sport Science
Credits: 1.5
Semester: 15 weeks
Learning Format: Seminar, Field Experience
Typically Offered: TBD. Contact Department Chair for more info.
course overview

This fieldwork experience involves the practical application of instruction and coaching principles. Students will design, implement and evaluate a variety of single sessions, such as classes, practices or competitions. Students will also study an experienced leadership style and process in order to learn from best practices in the field.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to placement
    • Workplace behaviours
    • Planning and preparation
    • Leadership expectations
  2. Leadership analysis
    • Observation
    • Preparation
    • Processes
    • Styles
    • Feedback
    • Interpretation
  3. Session design
    • Principles of volume, intensity and specificity
    • Organizational components
    • Variations
    • Execution principles
  4. Implementation
    • Rhythm and timing
    • Feedback and questioning
    • Adjustments and variations
    • Equipment
    • Safety
  5. Evaluation
    • Gathering information
    • Information analysis
    • Preparing recommendations
  6. Introduction to networks
    • Personal networks
    • Professional networks
    • Organizational networks
  7. Professionalism
    • Preparation
    • Setup
    • Execution
  8. Personal leadership
    • Self confidence
    • Adaptability
    • Initiative
  9. Social leadership
    • Empathy
    • Change
      • Managing
    • Leadership
      • Developing leadership skills in oneself
      • Developing leadership skills in others

Methods of Instruction

  1. Lecture
  2. Discussion groups
  3. Practical application
  4. Field observation and/or video observation
  5. Self-study via print or online materials
  6. Reading assignments
  7. Online discussion groups

Means of Assessment

This is a mastery/non-mastery course based on the following components of assessment.

The selection of evaluation tools for this course is based upon adherence to Douglas College evaluation policy regarding number and weighting of evaluations, for example a course of three credits or more should have at least three separate evaluations.

The following are presented as sample assessment formats for this course:

  1. Assignments
  2. Journal submissions
  3. Fieldwork evaluation
  4. Preparation, Participation and Session Leadership

Students must attend all scheduled seminars (meetings), achieve at least a ‘mastery’ level competency (70%) on all assignments, complete 23 fieldwork hours under the supervision of a Site Supervisor or assigned designate and achieve at least a 24/40 rating on 14- point Professional Checklist rated by Site Supervisor to receive credit for this course.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this fieldwork course, the student shall be able to:

  1. Demonstrate professional characteristics related to the preparation and implementation of a variety of sessions.
  2. Perform task analyses of individual learning activities.
  3. Analyze the leadership styles and processes of best practices within the field.
  4. Distinguish between personal, professional and organizational networking skills.
  5. Design, implement and evaluate a variety of sessions.
  6. Demonstrate personal leadership characteristics relating to self confidence, initiative and adaptability.
  7. Demonstrate social leadership characteristics relating to empathy, developing others and becoming a leader.

course prerequisites

SPSC 3101

Third-year standing in the Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching program

curriculum guidelines

Course Guidelines for previous years are viewable by selecting the version desired. If you took this course and do not see a listing for the starting semester/year of the course, consider the previous version as the applicable version.

course schedule and availability
course transferability

Below shows how this course and its credits transfer within the BC transfer system. 

A course is considered university-transferable (UT) if it transfers to at least one of the five research universities in British Columbia: University of British Columbia; University of British Columbia-Okanagan; Simon Fraser University; University of Victoria; and the University of Northern British Columbia.

For more information on transfer visit the BC Transfer Guide and BCCAT websites.


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