Youth Justice

Course List

Code Course Description
YJWD 1100

Personal and Professional Issues for the Youth Justice Worker

This course will examine issues critical to the student’s development as a youth justice worker. The principal course objective is for students to develop a realistic awareness of the professional role associated with working with youth in the justice system. Emphasis will be placed on student analysis of personal values and how these are incorporated into a professional role. Ethical theories and decision-making skills that adhere to professional roles, policy requirements, and legal obligations will be the foundation of this course. Students will also increase self-awareness and develop plans for effectively managing personal and work related stressors.

YJWD 1200

Behavioural Intervention Strategies for Youth Justice

This course will focus on strategies to assist youth justice clients to learn or increase pro-social behaviours and decrease anti-social or otherwise problematic behaviours. The course will use principles from applied operant conditioning giving particular attention to the use of cognitive-behavioural interventions. Emphasis will be placed on teaching students to build on client strengths while reinforcing desirable behavioural approximations.

YJWD 1240

Youth Justice: Practicum I

This course provides students with a first formal opportunity to engage in practice as a youth justice worker under the supervision of a field mentor with support from college faculty. Integration of professionalism, educational experience, and feedback will be expected and facilitated through guided self-reflection to promote personal and professional development.

YJWD 2240

Youth Justice: Practicum II

This course provides students with the opportunity to integrate and implement theory and practice. Students will reflect on their experiences and feedback as they develop and refine their knowledge and skills in becoming competent practitioners.

YJWD 2300

Group Dynamics and Activity Planning for the Youth Justice Worker

In this course, students will explore group theory and develop skills for group design, participation, and facilitation. Students will plan and facilitate developmentally appropriate outcome-focused group activities to promote group development and individual growth.

YJWD 2340

Youth Justice Worker: Practicum 11

This course will provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate an ability to translate theory into practice. Each student will spend 180 hours in a youth justice professional work site under the supervision of the practicum supervisor and site manager. A series of integrative seminars (10 hours) will complement the site experience and allow students the opportunity to critically evaluate their experiences working with youth in the justice system.

YJWD 2460

Family Violence and Abuse

In this course, students will examine violence and abuse through various theoretical perspectives and explore the role of the self-reflective and ethical practitioner in appropriately engaging those affected.