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Sociological Aspects of Sport

Course Code: SPSC 2281
Faculty: Science & Technology
Department: Sport Science
Credits: 3.0
Semester: 15 weeks
Learning Format: Lecture, Seminar
Typically Offered: TBD. Contact Department Chair for more info.
course overview

A critical introduction to social and cultural dimensions of sport in western industrial societies. Central emphasis is the distinctiveness of the sociological perspective as a way of understanding the nature of sport in social and cultural life.

Course Content

  1. The sociological analyses of sport in society:
    • The discipline of Sociology
    • Sport as a microcosm of society
    • Levels of sport
  2. Social and cultural sources of the rise of sport in industrial societies:
    • The transformation of sport
    • The technological revolution and sport
    • Industrialization, urbanization and sport
    • Social aggregates and cultural influences in the rise of sport
  3. Sport and societal values
    • The Canadian value system
    • Societal values and sport
  4. Children and sport:
    • Youth sports programs
    • Socialization and sport
    • Sports alternatives for the young athlete
  5. Interscholastic sport:
    • The status of sport in schools
    • The benefits of school sport
    • Problems, dilemmas and issues
  6. Intercollegiate sport:
    • The status of intercollegiate sport
    • The benefits of intercollegiate sport
    • Problems, dilemmas and issues
  7. Social problems and issues and sport:
    • Selected issues and problems in sport:
      • Drugs
      • Violence
      • Parental behaviour
      • Sexual harassment, etc.
  8. Sport and religion:
    • Religion and society
    • The relationship of religion and sport
  9. Sport and the polity:
    • The political uses of sport
    • The politics of international sport
  10. Sport and the economy:
    • Economic beneficiaries of sport
    • Professional and amateur sport as a business
  11. Sport and the mass media:
    • Social roles of the mass media
    • The impact of the mass media on sport
    • The impact of sport on the mass media
  12. Sport, social stratification and social mobility:
    • social class and sport
    • Social mobility and sport
  13. Race and sport:
    • Minority groups
    • Discrimination in sport
    • Multiculturalism and sport
  14. Women and sport:
    • Social sources of sexism in sport
    • consequences of sexism for women in sport
    • Recent trends in women’s sport
  15. Contemporary trends and the future of sport:
    • Trends in population, industry and technology
    • A future society and sport
    • Trends in the economy

Methods of Instruction

  • Lectures
  • Guest Speakers
  • Seminars
  • Videos
  • Slides
  • Overheads

Means of Assessment

Test #1 20%
Test #2 20%
Test #3 20%
Major assignment 20%
Presentation & essay 20%

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, students will have knowledge of:

  1. The sociological analysis of sport in society
  2. Social and cultural sources of the rise of sport in industrial societies
  3. Sport and societal values
  4. Children and sport
  5. Interscholastic sport
  6. Intercollegiate sport
  7. Social issues and problems and sport
  8. Sport and religion
  9. Sport and the polity
  10. Sport and the economy
  11. Sport and the mass media
  12. Sport, social stratification and social mobility
  13. Race and sport
  14. Women and sport
  15. Contemporary trends and the future of sport

course prerequisites

SPSC 1105

curriculum guidelines

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course schedule and availability
course transferability

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