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Managing Project Communications, Stakeholders and Human Resources

Course Code: BUSN 3610
Faculty: Commerce & Business Administration
Department: Business
Credits: 3.0
Semester: 15 weeks
Learning Format: Lecture, Seminar
Typically Offered: TBD. Contact Department Chair for more info.
course overview

This course focuses on managing the project team by communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders. It will discuss areas related to human resource management and stakeholder management. Various planning and communication tools and techniques will be examined: such as resource histograms, responsibility assignment matrix charts and staffing plans. Using a combination of theoretical principles and applied cases and exercises, students will learn to integrate communication, human resource and stakeholder management considerations into the overall project management framework.

Course Content

  1. Planning for human resource management: identify and document project roles and responsibilities, and create a project organization chart.
  2. Tools and techniques used to document team member roles, including RACI chart, organization charts, and other tools.
  3. Assembling the project team: obtain the required skills based on project requirements.
  4. Developing the project team: measure and improve team members’ skills and team member interactions to ensure a healthy working environment.
  5. Managing the project team: manage the performance of team members, leadership, constructive feedback, creating an efficient and effective project team.
  6. Planning the communication process and determining the most appropriate approach for project communication that will satisfy the stakeholders’ information needs.
  7. Methods for internal, formal, vertical, official, written and oral communication throughout project execution.
  8. Effective communication; communication models used in project management: appropriate technology and communication methods.
  9. Identification of stakeholders: understanding the groups or individuals that could have an impact on the project, their involvement and influence.
  10. Planning stakeholder management: develop management strategies to ensure all stakeholders are involved.
  11. Managing and controlling stakeholder engagement by using various tools and methods such as the stakeholder register.
  12. Integrating communication, human resource and stakeholder management into the overall project management framework to ensure overall project success.

Methods of Instruction

Lectures, case studies, exercises and group discussions.

Means of Assessment

Tests*   20% - 40%   
Assignments/Term Project(s)  (min 2)  20% - 40%
Participation    5% - 10%
Final Examination  20% - 30%

 * A combination of quizzes and/or midterms, with no single assessment in this group worth more than 25% of the final grade.

Note:  Students must achieve a grade of at least 50% on the combined examination components to pass the course.

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the course will be able to:

  • identify and document project roles and establish reporting relationships;
  • describe the communication process and its use in a project context;
  • develop a staffing management plan for a project;
  • develop a human resource management plan for a project;
  • create a RACI (responsible-accountable-consulted-informed) chart;
  • use appropriate human resource tools and techniques to develop and manage a project team;
  • manage communication processes using various tools and techniques;
  • develop a communications management plan that meets stakeholder requirements;
  • create a stakeholder register;
  • establish sources used to identify and define project communication requirements; and
  • integrate the knowledge learned in project communication management, project human resource management and project stakeholder management into the overall management of a complex project.

course prerequisites

BUSN 3600 Project Management Essentials OR

 COBA 3200 Project Management

curriculum guidelines

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course schedule and availability
course transferability

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