Data Analytics in Accounting (Concentration)

Curriculum Guideline

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Commerce & Business Administration
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Conc in Data Analytics - ACCT
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Admissions Requirements

There are no separate admission requirements for a concentrations, however the student must be enrolled in a Bachelor's degree program in order to complete a concentration.

Curriculum Framework

Concentration in Data Analytics in Accounting:

  • This concentration is available for any Bachelor's degree student at Douglas College.
  • Successful completion of 12 credits; a minimum of two (2) required upper level Accounting courses, one (1) Computer Studies and Information Systems (CSIS) elective course and one (1) eligible elective courses.
  • Students who have already taken and received credits for the required and elective course(s) in their Bachelor's degree program can also apply the course(s) towards the requirements for the Concentration.
  • Student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.33 (C+) for the courses required to earn the concentration.

Course Requirements:

Course Number Course Title Credits
Required Courses (6 credits):
ACCT 3850 Detecting Accounting Fraud 3.00
ACCT 3880 Data Analytics for Managers 3.00
Select one course from the following three CSIS elective options (3 credits):
CSIS 3190 Business Support Systems with Excel 3.00
CSIS 3360 Fundamentals of Data Analytics 3.00
CSIS 3860 Data visualization 3.00

Select one course from the following eligible elective options (3 credits):

*If any of these CSIS courses (below) were taken as part of the CSIS elective they cannot be applied again as a eligible elective course.

ACCT 1222 Computer Applications for Accounting 3.00
CRIM 2254 Research Methods in Criminology 3.00
CRIM 3325 Qualitative Research Methods 3.00
CRIM 3390 Crime and Intelligence Analysis 3.00
CSIS 2200 Systems Analysis & Design 3.00
CSIS 3190* Business Support Systems with Excel 3.00
CSIS 3360* Fundamentals of Data Analytics 3.00
CSIS 3860* Data visualization 3.00
MARK 4420 Web Data Analytics 3.00
Total Credits:   12.00