Information and Communication Technology

Curriculum Guideline

Effective Date:
Program Code
Commerce & Business Administration
Computing Studies & Information Systems
Credential Type
Post-Degree Diploma
Transcript Title
Info & Comm Tech PD Diploma
Date of First Offering
Start Term
End Term
Post-Degree Diploma in Information and Communication Technology
Length of Program
One year
Admissions Requirements
Applicants must have a recognized undergraduate (bachelor) degree from a post-secondary institution in an English-speaking country. Applicants with an undergraduate degree from a non-English speaking country will be required to meet the Douglas College English Language proficiency requirement of English 12 with a minimum grade of C or one of the acceptable substitutions.
Curriculum Framework

This 30-credit program is offered over three semesters and can be completed in one calendar year, depending on intake semester.

Six required courses (18 credits):
CSIS 1175 or Introduction to Programming or  
CMPT 1110 C++ Programming 3
CSIS 1280 Frontend Web Development 3
CSIS 2200 Systems Analysis and Design 3
CSIS 2260 or Operating Systems or  
CSIS 2270 Virtualization and Computer Networking  3
CSIS 2300 Relational DBMS 3
CSIS 3275 Software Engineering 3
Four 3000-level courses (12 credits) from the following:
CSIS 3540 Client Server Systems 3
CSIS 3475 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
CSIS 3175 Mobile Application Development 3
CSIS 3300 Data Mining and Non-Relational DBMS 3
CSIS 3380 Advanced Web Programming with JavaScript and AJAX  3
CSIS 3280 Web Based Scripting 3
CSIS 3360 Fundamentals of Business Analytics 3
CSIS 3760 Customer Analytics and Discrete Data 3
COBA 3200  Project Management 3

A minimum of 70% of the required courses must be taken at Douglas College.