Curriculum Guideline

Print Futures: Professional Writing

Effective Date:
Program Code
Language, Literature & Performing Arts
Print Futures
Credential Type
Transcript Title
Print Futures Diploma
Date of First Offering
Start Term
End Term
Diploma in Print Futures: Professional Writing
Length of Program
Four semesters
Admissions Requirements
  1. General Admission Requirements
  2. English 12 with a minimum grade of "C" or approved substitution
  3. A grammar and summary exercise
  4. Writing samples (letters, essays, articles, creative writing, etc.) as evidence of interest in and dedication to writing
  5. Basic skills on word processing equipment
  6. Two letters of reference (character or work-related)
  7. A resume and letter of application
  8. Participation in a Print Futures information session
  9. Interviews (group and individual)

Group interviews take place throughout the year. Applicants should not submit their writing portfolio to the Office of the Registrar with their application to the College. Instead, they should bring their writing portfolio to the group interview.

During the group interview, applicants are required to:

  • confirm they attended a program information session
  • respond to questions about their experiences, career goals and preparedness
  • participate in a group discussion of writing-related issues and scenarios
  • complete a grammar and summary writing exercise
  • confirm they have basic skills on word processing equipment
  • submit their complete writing portfolio, including the letter of application (addressed to the program coordinator), writing samples, two letters of reference and resumé

Note: Applicants with incomplete writing portfolios will not be considered for program admission.

During the application process, applicants are expected to demonstrate:

  • timely completion of all required application elements
  • respect for and cooperation with other applicants during the group interview

Note: In special circumstances, unsuccessful applicants may enrol in selected Print Futures, English and/or Communications courses in the General Studies program. These applicants must submit an Application for Readmission to the College as a General Studies student. Upon reapplication to a subsequent Print Futures intake, re-evaluation for admission will be assessed upon achieving a minimum grade of "C" in those selected courses.

Curriculum Framework

Semester I

Course Title Credits
PRFU 1100 Fundamentals of Professional Writing 3
PRFU 1102 Research Skills for Professional Writing 3
PRFU 1190 Professional Readiness I: Markets and Job Applications 1
CMNS 1118 Workplace Writing 3
CMNS 1216 Interpersonal Skills for the Workplace 3

Semester II

CRWR 1202 Personal Narrative 3
CMNS 1218 Research Reporting 3
PRFU 1230 Editing I: Copyediting and Proofreading 3
PRFU 1290 Professional Readiness II: Jobs and Networks 1
PRFU 1310 Writing Technical Manuals 3
PRFU 1350 Document Design and Production I 3

Practicum Requirement

PRFU 2400 Work Experience 6

Semester III

PRFU 2201 Language Studies 3
PRFU 2330 Editing II: Stylistic and Structural 3
PRFU 2370 Public Relations Writing I 3
PRFU 2390 Professional Readiness III: Business Skills and Legal and Ethical Issues 1
PRFU 2450 Document Design and Production II 3

Semester IV

PRFU 2340 Writing for the Web 3
PRFU 2401 Writing for Magazines and Trade Publications 3
PRFU 2470 Public Relations Writing II 3
PRFU 2490 Professional Readiness IV: Writing Competencies and Portfolio 3