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Professional Readiness II: Jobs and Networks

Language, Literature & Performing Arts
Print Futures
Course Code
PRFU 1290
Semester Length
9 weeks
Max Class Size
Method Of Instruction
Typically Offered
To be determined


Course Description
This course is the second of four professional readiness courses intended to help students develop a career as a professional writer. It offers an opportunity for students to identify a writing niche, develop and practise the basic skills of applying and interviewing for jobs, and learn about the importance of networking for writers.
Course Content
  1. Finding a Writing Niche
    Successful students will:
    • review core competencies for professional writers
    • review and assess their professional/personal strengths and weaknesses in the context of their experience in the program to date (interpersonal skills, presentation and facilitation skills, public-speaking skills, conflict-resolution skills, mediation skills, negotiation skills, ability to meet deadlines, research/writing/editing skills, and so on)
    • identify an appropriate writing niche in preparation for PRFU 2400: Work Experience
  2. Getting a Job
    Successful students will:
    • prepare for job interviews (including researching companies, practising for interviews, preparing work samples, developing questions, revising resumes for specific jobs, and so on)
    • participate in mock job interviews (instructor- and peer-evaluated)
  3. Networking
    Successful students will:
    • identify components of networks for writers (industry associations, colleagues, employers, classmates, instructors, and so on)
    • learn how to develop and maintain networks
    • review how to conduct an informational interview
    • write an industry association profile based in part on attendance at an association meeting (for example, Society for Technical Communication, Editors’ Association of Canada, International Association for Business Communicators, Periodical Writers Association of Canada, Canadian Public Relations Society, and so on)
Methods Of Instruction

The course will be delivered by lecture and seminar. In the seminar, students will be expected to share their findings, experiences, and writing.

Means of Assessment

Students will demonstrate their mastery of course material through assignments and participation in discussion, group work, and interviews.

Students are expected to be self-motivated and to demonstrate professionalism, which includes active participation, good attendance, punctuality, effective collaboration, ability to meet deadlines, presentation skills, and accurate self-evaluation.

Evaluation will be based on this general format:

Writing niche report 15%
Job preparation assignments 60%
Networking report (written) 15%
Professionalism (as defined) 10%
Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. identify a writing niche
  2. develop and practise the basic skills of applying and interviewing for jobs
  3. understand the importance of networking and learn how to set up a network
Textbook Materials




PRFU 1190 or permission of the coordinator


No corequisite courses.


No equivalent courses.

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Course Transfers

Institution Transfer Details Effective Dates
Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) KPU ARTS 1XXX (1) 2004/09/01 to 2016/12/31
Simon Fraser University (SFU) No credit 2004/09/01 to 2016/12/31
Trinity Western University (TWU) TWU COMM 2XX (1) 2004/09/01 to 2016/12/31
University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) No credit 2004/09/01 to 2016/12/31
University of Victoria (UVIC) No credit 2004/09/01 to 2016/12/31

Course Offerings

Fall 2021

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