Curriculum Guideline

Community Social Service Work

Effective Date:
Program Code
Applied Community Studies
Community Social Service Work
Credential Type
Transcript Title
Comm Soc Serv Worker Dipl
Date of First Offering
Start Term
End Term
Not Specified
Diploma in Community Social Service Work
Length of Program
Four semesters
Admissions Requirements

Applicants must meet the admission requirements listed below:

  • General College Admission Requirements
  • Be age 19 by December 31st of the year you enter the program
  • Provide evidence you have recently (in the last two years) completed at least 100 hours of work (paid or volunteer) in the social services field (this experience must have been acquired prior to the time of the selection interviews)
  • Successfully participate in a formal orientation and selection process to determine suitability and readiness for training Suitability is determined on the basis of an overview of an applicant's emotional stability, physical health, formal education, the ability to work in a team setting and life experience
  • Submit two letters of reference at the time of the selection process, one of which must come from a former supervisor in the social service field and which must verify hours and evaluate work performance
  • Complete a Criminal Record Check (information will be provided by the Office of the Registrar)
  • Complete a medical declaration or assessment indicating a satisfactory level of physical and emotional health. The workload of the programs and the close contact with individuals in practical settings require students to be in good mental and physical health
Curriculum Framework

Graduation Requirements:

  • Successful completion of 60 credits
  • 25% (15 credits) of all coursework must be completed at Douglas College

Course Requirements:

Course Number Course Title Credits
Semester I
CFCS 1110 Introduction to Community 3.00
CMNS 1110 Workplace Writing 3.00
CFCS 1130 Change and Development: Lifespan 3.00
CSSW 1100 Introduction to Social Work Practice 3.00
CSSW 1122 Interviewing and Counselling Skills 3.00
Total Credits for Semester I  15.00
Semester II
CSSW 1221 Wellness: Self and Professional Practice 1.50
CSSW 1200 Introduction to Social Welfare 3.00
CSSW 1222 Working with Groups 3.00
CFCS 1260 Community Practice: Addictions 3.00
CSSW 1240 Practicum I 4.50
Total Credits for Semester II 15.00
Semester III
CSSW 2333 Families: Change and Development 3.00
CSSW 2322 Community Practice: Employment 3.00
CSSW 2363 Community Practice: Mental Health 3.00
CSSW 2340 Practicum II 6.00
Total Credits for Semester III 15.00
Semester IV
CSSW 2422 Specialized Interventions 3.00
CSSW 2462 Gerontology 3.00
CSSW 2433 Families in Community Contexts 3.00
Elective CFCS, CODS or UT (University Transfer) course 3.00
Elective CFCS, CODS or UT (University Transfer) course 3.00
Total Credits for Semester IV 15.00
Total Credits for Credential 60.00

Part-Time Studies

The course sequence for part-time students is fixed over seven semesters and is arranged in consultation with program faculty. Seat availability cannot be guaranteed for part-time students who do not follow the fixed sequence. Note: It is possible for part-time students to accelerate providing they meet certain prerequisites.

Part-time students are advised that practicums require a commitment of two days per week for a full semester.