Modern Languages (Certificate)

Program no longer offered

This program is no longer being offered. Students currently enrolled in the program will be able to complete their course work, but applications to this program are no longer available. 

Admission Type
Open Enrolment - General Admission Requirements


The Certificate in Modern Languages is a 30-credit certificate drawn from a mix of courses in Modern Languages and other departments. It provides you with a highly professional and yet practical approach to the study of the languages of your choice. 

You will be exposed to studies in your chosen language of specialty while exploring studies in other disciplines such as Anthropology, Communications, Geography, History and Philosophy. This creates a synthesis of interest that benefits you in your future academic or professional career. 

Admissions Requirements

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Program Requirements

Curriculum Framework

Graduation Requirements

Effective for Summer 2017 graduation, a minimum of 50% of the required program courses must be taken at Douglas College.

Four core courses (12.0 credits) in the same language.

Two MODL courses (6.0 credits) in a language other than the core courses.

One elective (3.0 credits) in a subject other than Modern Languages.

Three courses (9.0 credits) from the following:

ANTH 1100 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology

CMNS 1104 Founcations of Intercultural Communication
CMNS 1217 Multiculutural Interpersonal Workplace Communication

ENGL 1101 Canadian Literature
ENGL 1102 Major Themes in Literature

ECON 1103 Globalization and the World Economy

HUMS 1171 World Religions - Oriental
HUMS 1172 World Religions - Occidental

IDST 1103 Introduction to Intercultural / International Studies

PHIL 1135 Asian Philosophy
PHIL 1170

POLI 1103 Introduction to World Politics

Any HIST course

Any other MODL courses (up to 6.0 credits)

**Effective for Summer 2017 graduation, a minimum of 50% of the required program courses must be taken at Douglas College.

Program Guidelines

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