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The BBA in Marketing – Digital Marketing Concentration is the first of its kind in Western Canada. You’ll learn to write for the web, create web pages using HTML, learn Search Engine Optimization, build mock social media ads and more. Since digital marketing is always changing, our courses are designed to be malleable and change with the industry so you’ll learn up-to-date digital marketing strategies and tools. In addition, the BBA has multiple entry points, so whether you’ve just graduated high school or already have some education you can start, continue and finish your degree at Douglas.

Learn essential Digital Marketing concepts

In your first two years you’ll learn core marketing concepts such as marketing strategy, promotional strategy, buyer behavior, customer relationship management, personal selling and more. In your final two years you’ll do a deep dive into digital marketing concepts like writing for the web, public relations writing, visual communication, multimedia web development, e-commerce, digital promotions and social media, digital analytics and more.

Join the Digital Marketing job market

Once you graduate you’ll be a joining a growing industry, with over 4,000 marketing and advertising job openings in BC for the next ten years*. You can also expect a median salary of $59,961* once you graduate, with many opportunities to grow within the industry.

*Source: BC Labour Outlook

Admissions Requirements

There are no separate admission requirements for a concentration, but students must be enrolled in a BBA degree program in order to complete a concentration. 


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Program Requirements

Curriculum Framework

Concentration in Digital Marketing & Communications Management

  • This concentration is available for all Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree students.
  • Successful completion of at least 21 credits.
  • Minimum of 12 credits of upper level coursework required.
  • Concentrations are not noted on the credential but will be noted on the transcript.
  • Students taking this concentration will have completed the educational requirements for the American Marketing Association’s Professional Certified Marketer industry credential (PCM). For information on additional requirements for credentials, students will want to contact the Douglas College Director of Business Programs or the industry body.

Course Requirements (see Note 1)

Course Number

 Course Title


Required Courses:

MARK 4420

Digital Analytics


CSIS 1280

Multimedia Web Development


CMNS 3400 (see Note 2)

Document Design


CMNS 3401 (see Note 2)

Visual Communication


Electives (see Note 1)

Three upper level courses (3000-4000 level) from MARK, BUSN, BLAW, CMNS, CSIS/CISY, CMPT (check with Department)


Total Credits




Note 1: Students in a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program will likely have met all pre-requisite requirements upon entering this concentration. On the other hand, non-BBA students will need to take special note of: (a) required pre-requisites to ensure they are able to enrol in the required courses and (b) suggested courses, skills and/or competencies. This information can be found on the Douglas College Course Catalogue website.    

Note 2: Students are advised to take note of any pre-requisites that may be required. This information can be found on the Douglas College Course Catalogue website.   



Program Guidelines

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