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March 04, 2021, 10:30 am


The move to “emergency remote education” left all of us struggling to both adapt to the new environment and to remain connected as people engaged in a course of study together. Join a panel comprised of faculty and students for a dialogue on how to promote presence and humanity in an online environment. How can we build on our collective experiences by working together, and listening to one another?

Join us as we explore and uncover the wide-ranging social impacts of COVID-19. Panels and community dialogue sessions will feature stories, lived experience, arts and culture. This event series will zero in on sexual and gender-based violence, mental health and well-being, anti-racism and decolonization, and what we as individuals and a society can – and should – do in these novel times.

Moderator: Nathan Hall (ELLA, Douglas College)


Tracy Ho (Organizer-Advocacy, Douglas Students' Union)

Holly Salmon (Learning Centre Coordinator, Douglas College)

Rachael Newton (CBA, Douglas College)

Jakub Burkowicz (Sociology, Douglas College)


Register for the event on Zoom https://douglascollege-ca.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5Ukd-qqrT0jGdOYJZTmEfK4Kf_Qbk8Y5IFt

This event is part of the SHIFT Conference: https://www.douglascollege.ca/shift 

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