Travelling to Canada & Self-Isolation Planning

Douglas College strongly recommends that all international students planning to travel to Canada clearly understand the Government of Canada and BC Government laws and regulations before making travel plans. Important links: 

The ultimate authority to allow students into the country rests with the Canadian Border Services Agency. If you choose to travel to Canada, make sure that you have proof that you’re eligible and have proof of travel restriction exemptions. Make sure you are traveling for non-optional or non-discretionary purposes and have your quarantine plan and documents prepared in advance.

Quarantine and travel plan preparation:

1. Review your eligibility to enter Canada at the “Important Links” above

2. Review the ArriveCAN and BC Self-Isolation Plan requirements

3. Make your 14-day self-isolation arrangements (confirm bookings/availability)

4. Complete the Fall 2020 Study Status Check-in and Travel Letter Request (if already completed and updating your plan, please email your plan to

5. Complete requirements or additions to your plan requested by Douglas International staff

6. Submit your self-isolation plan to the Government of Canada through ArriveCAN

7. Submit your BC Self-Isolation Plan