Customer Service & Cashier Training

Course List

Code Course Description
CSCT 0100

Assessment and Intake

This course is designed to assist adults with an employment barrier in taking the necessary preparatory steps to enter the full-time CSCT program. The course enables students to make informed decisions about entering the program and assists students to achieve success in the program. This is a required course taken by students prior to entrance into other CSCT programs.

CSCT 0110

Introduction to Employability Skills

This course is designed to help students identify the knowledge and skills required for obtaining and keeping employment. Course work will emphasize individual skill assessments, interpersonal communication skills, workplace responsibilities, teamwork skills, safety issues, and personal management skills for the workplace.

CSCT 0120

Customer Services Basics

This course is designed to help students identify the essential elements of good customer service skills for the retail industry. Course work will emphasize the importance of portraying a professional image, developing good communication skills and listening techniques. Students will learn effective strategies when dealing with customer complaints and telephone courtesy.

CSCT 0130

Cashiering Applications

This course will familiarize students with basic math concepts, and demonstrate proper techniques when using electronic adding machines. Students will learn the fundamentals of product sales and a Point of Sale computerized cashier system. Hands on lab training will provide the students with the essential knowledge for the level of competency required to integrate their skills into the practicum setting.

CSCT 0140

Job Search Skills and Maintenance

This course is designed to prepare adults with an employment barrier with a comprehensive overview of job seeking techniques. Students will be given the opportunity to write a resume, practice interviewing skills, review employment rights and responsibilities. Emphasis will be placed on developing good work habits and attitudes required to keep a job.

CSCT 0150

Community Practicum

This course is designed to provide students with a realistic work opportunity in a community practicum. The intent of the course is for students to transfer skills learned in the classroom and lab to the work environment. Students are placed at a practicum in a supervised and supportive atmosphere in the customer service or retail field.