Ethics in Recreation and Health Promotion

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THRT 4806
Semester Length
Flexible delivery ranging over 1 to 15 weeks
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To be determined


Course Description
This course presents the theories, concepts and principles of ethics as the moral foundation for professional practice in therapeutic recreation and recreation health promotion. Providing students with a basic framework of ethics prepares them to conduct themselves ethically, to understand professional codes of ethics and to resolve ethical dilemmas. Students will apply ethical decision-making models when addressing contemporary ethical issues in therapeutic recreation and recreation health promotion practice.
Course Content

The following global ideas guide the design and delivery of this course:


Ethical Theory and Concepts

  • Principles of individual morality: utility, fairness, human good and will of God
  • Moral reasoning: individual and societal
  • Nature and importance of personal values, beliefs and experiences 
  • Principles of social morality: social justice, individual rights, equality, pluralism and freedom
  • Ethical theory: Consequentialism and Deontological


Principles of Professional Ethics

  • Autonomy
  • Beneficence
  • Non-malfeasance
  • Justice
  • Fidelity


Ethical Decision Making

  • Models of ethical decision-making 
  • Critical thinking and decision making processes
  • Ethical principles applied in daily personal and professional life


Ethical Issues in Therapeutic Recreation and Recreation Health Promotion

  • Organizational ethical dilemmas
  • Medical ethical dilemmas
  • Professional ethical dilemmas
  • Patient-staff relationships and dilemmas
  • Special ethical dilemmas in today’s environment i.e.: changing health care philosophy, environments, delivery systems and costs.


Ethical Conduct

  • Codes of ethics (NTRS, ATRA, CTRA, BCTRA)
  • Professional regulation versus self-monitoring
  • Ethical review committees
  • Client rights, informed consent, confidentiality
Learning Activities

•Lecture / discussion

•Small group activities

•Case studies

•Narrative Ethics

Means of Assessment

This course will conform to Douglas College policy regarding the number and weighting of evaluations.


An evaluation schedule is presented at the beginning of the course.  Typical means of evaluation will include a combination of written assignments, presentations and testing.


This is a graded course.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:


  1. examine basic ethical theory, concepts and principles


  1. reflect on the ethical dilemmas which may arise in the delivery of therapeutic recreation and recreation health promotion services


  1. apply ethical decision making to resolve personal and professional ethical dilemmas


  1. analyze ethical conduct and professional codes of ethics


  1. apply ethical principles and decision making processes to contemporary ethical issues in therapeutic recreation and recreation health promotion practice
Textbook Materials

Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students


A list of recommended textbooks and materials is provided for students at the beginning of the semester.


Resources include:

  • •Selected readings from a variety of therapeutic recreation practice textbooks
  • •Selected audio-visual and computer resources
  • •Selected readings from books and journals




No corequisite courses.


No equivalent courses.

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Summer 2023