Directed Studies in Sport Science

Science & Technology
Sport Science
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SPSC 3991
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To be determined


Course Description
Directed Studies in Sport Science provides students with an opportunity to pursue a specific project of interest within the field of Sport Science. Projects may involve: (1) a research study, (2) a review and analysis of current research/theories, (3) a health promotion initiative, or (4) a historical review. Projects are approved, supported and evaluated by a Sport Science faculty supervisor. This course is offered as a guided studies. Please contact the department chair for registration.
Course Content

The form, content and format of the project is to be determined by the faculty supervisor and the student prior to admission to this course and a standard contract form must be completed by the student and signed by the faculty supervisor and program coordinator.

Note: Empirical research should follow appropriate protocols including the development of the research question(s), the design of the study, the completion of ethics and development of the human participants form, participant recruitment, data collection and analysis, and completion of the final report. Readings and assignment criteria will cater to the student’s identified learning objectives. Details regarding the student’s learning objectives, required readings, and assignments will be fully outlined on an individual course contract.

Learning Activities

Self-directed with supervision provided weekly throughout semester.

Student dialogue and presentation.

Community experiences or community-based research.

Means of Assessment

This course will conform to Douglas College policy regarding the number and weighting of evaluations. Typical means of evaluation may include a combination of:

Research proposal                  

Off-campus activities     

Research report            

Research presentation

Community report

Policy brief

Peer-reviewed journal manuscript


Sample Evaluation Criteria

Literature Review          20%

Proposal                       20%

Ethics                           10%

Presentation/Poster       20%

Final Paper                   30%



Learning Outcomes
  1. To conduct an indepth investigation into a topic in Sport Science
  2. To complete a comprehensive literature review and analysis into a specific topic, and/or conduct a project with sound design, appropriate methodologies and detailed findings
  3. To identify limitations and future directions within a topic of interest
  4. To provide support and peer review on the academic work of others
  5. To demonstrate an understanding and application of the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans
Textbook Materials

A range of reading material will be determined jointly by the student and Faculty Supervisor.



Successful completion of 60 credits

SPSC 2210 and (SPSC 3203 or SPSC 3256)




No equivalent courses.

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Course Offerings

Summer 2023