Business Marketing

Commerce & Business Administration
Course Code
MARK 3490
Semester Length
15 Weeks
Max Class Size
Method(s) Of Instruction
Typically Offered
To be determined


Course Description
Firms that operate in the business to business marketplace are increasingly recognizing the importance of marketing’s role and contribution as a critical aspect of their operation, to help them achieve their goals. The business marketing world differs in many ways from the consumer world, and company competitiveness and reputation in the business to business marketplace are usually a direct result of their marketing competence. This course provides the knowledge and understanding of key business to business (B2B) marketing principles and processes, and the methodology of applying the marketing drivers.
Course Content
  • Understanding the business to business market, and distinguishing it from the consumer market
  • The business to business market – understanding it, looking at different industries and their distinguishing characteristics, and measuring its size and potential
  • Competitive landscape, market position of competitors, creating a viable market position and niche for the firm
  • Segmenting a business to business market, and targeting and positioning for success
  • Effective product and service marketing
  • Establishing and managing business relationships
  • Business marketing strategy and planning
  • Promotion and marketing communications
  • Personal selling and relationship building; the importance of personal selling in the promotional mix
  • Marketing as a key part of company vision and goals
Learning Activities

Lectures, videos and readings will be used to introduce specific areas of study and to provide background information.  Case studies will constitute the framework and focus of much of the course.  Guest lecturers from the business marketing field will complement the class sessions where possible.

Means of Assessment
Term tests 15-25%
Assignments, projects  20-40%
Midterm Examination 20-25%
Participation 5-10%
Final Examination 20-25%
Total  100%

Evaluation will be carried out in accordance with the Douglas College Evaluation Policy.


  1. Students must achieve a minimum average grade of 50% on all non-group evaluations to pass the course, with the 50% calculated on a weighted average basis.
  2. Students must complete all projects, assignments and write all examinations in order to be eligible for a passing grade in the course.
  3. Students may conduct research as part of their coursework in this class. Instructors for the course are responsible for ensuring that student research projects comply with College policies on ethical conduct for research involving humans, which can require obtaining Informed Consent from participants and getting the approval of the Douglas College Research Ethics Board prior to conducting the research.
Learning Outcomes

This course focuses on developing in students a thorough understanding of what business marketing is, and introducing them to current best practices, along with the key tools, techniques and considerations that are used.  At the end of the course, the successful student should be able to:

  1. understand and apply the basic concepts and principles of B2B marketing.
  2. perform segmentation of B2B  marketplaces, and select optimal target markets.
  3. develop tools to understand business, industrial and not-for-profit markets and their customers.
  4. explain the management of business products, services and distribution channels.
  5. develop the elements of the business marketing mix.
  6. identify current trends and developments in B2B marketing.
  7. explain methods for creating marketing teams and ensuring their effectiveness.
  8. develop B2B marketing plans and strategies to improve marketing effectiveness, organization image, customer loyalty, and success.
Textbook Materials

Textbooks and materials to be purchased by students:

Business Marketing Management: B2B  by Hutt, Michael D. and Speh, Thomas W.  Nelson Education latest edition and/or other textbook(s) and/or other materials as approved by the Department




No corequisite courses.


No equivalent courses.

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Course Transfers

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Institution Transfer Details for MARK 3490
Camosun College (CAMO) CAMO MARK 465 (3)
Capilano University (CAPU) CAPU BMKT 2XX (3)
Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) No credit
Langara College (LANG) LANG MARK 2XXX (3)
Simon Fraser University (SFU) SFU BUS 2XX (3)
Thompson Rivers University (TRU) TRU MKTG 4490 (3)
Trinity Western University (TWU) TWU BUSI 2XX (3)
University of British Columbia - Okanagan (UBCO) UBCO MGMT 2nd (3)
University of British Columbia - Vancouver (UBCV) UBCV COMM 2nd (3)
University of Northern BC (UNBC) UNBC COMM 2XX (3)
University of Victoria (UVIC) UVIC COM 2XX (1.5)
Vancouver Island University (VIU) VIU MARK 3rd (3)

Course Offerings

Winter 2023