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Department Coordinators


Dilia Hasanova


Karen Reppin

Prepare for college or university with the best. To provide the highest-quality academic English instruction, all ELLA faculty members are required to have specialized credentials as well as extensive teaching experience with international students. ELLA instructors hold Masters Degrees relevant to second language teaching and learning including Masters Degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Linguistics, and English as a Second Language Assessment and Curriculum. Our faculty’s focus on academic English will bring students the expertise needed to take their English skills to university level.

Sheilagh Badanic
BA (British Columbia) MEd (Lesley College)

604 527 5599

Heather Barnes
BSocSci (Ottawa) BEd (Memorial) MA (British Columbia) TESL (VCC) TESL Professional Certification Level 3 (TESL Canada)

604 527 5079

Laura Blumenthal
BA (Pennsylvania) MA/TEFL (San Francisco State)

604 527 5582

Curriculum Vitae

Laura Cardoso
BA (British Columbia) RSA (London, UK) MA (Toronto)

604 527 5710

Stephen Crozier
BA (Toronto) MA (Quebec)

604 527 5383

Wendie Edwards-Koroscil
TESL (VCC) MA (Trinity Western) MA (Simon Fraser)

604 527 5709

Tina Fusco
BA (Quebec) MA (Concordia University, Montreal) TESL Certification Level 3 (Permanent)

604 527 6028

Michael Greenberg
B. Comm (Ryerson, Ontario) C. TESL (University of Toronto, Ontario) MA (York, Ontario)

604 527 6637

Nathan Hall

Dilia Hasanova (ELLA Coordinator and Instructor)
BA (Bukhara State) MA, PhD (Purdue)

604 527 5922

Jacqueline Hebert
LLB (Ottawa) MEd (British Columbia)

604 527 5410

David Karkut
BA (Middlebury College, Vermont) MA (British Columbia); TESL Professional Certification Level Three (Permanent)

604 527 5212

Chris Maguire
BA (McGill) MA (Ottawa) TESL (Carleton)

604 527 5283

Deo Nizonkiza

Janice GT Penner
BRE (Rocky Mountain College) BEd (Alberta) MEd (British Columbia)

Curriculum Vitae

Leda Reaume
BA, Dip In Applied Linguistics (Victoria) MA (Alberta)

604 777 6028

Cyndy Reimer
BA (Winnipeg) MA EslEd (Manitoba)

604 527 5826

Karen Reppin (ELLA Coordinator and Instructor)
BA, TESL (Toronto) MSc (Aston, UK)

604 527 5408

Jacquie Russell
BA (British Columbia), TESL Dip (VCC), MEd, Teach. Cert. (New Jersey), MA/TEAL (Alberta)

604 527 6632
Janice Sestan (Visiting Student Programs Co-ordinator and Instructor)
BA (British Columbia) TESL (VCC) MEd (New England, Australia)

604 527 5676

Gordana Sokic
BA (Belgrade, Serbia) MEd TESL (British Columbia)

604 527 5673

Michael Victor
BA (British Columbia) TESOL Diploma (VCC) MA (Leicester, UK)

604 777 6114

Kate Yoshitomi
BMus, BEd (Queen's) MEd (Toronto)

604 527 5489

Dani Zheleva


Julia Robinson
BA, MA (British Columbia)

Carol St. Jean
BS (Central Connecticut State College) MEd (British Columbia)
ESL Instruction, Program Planning and Development, Barriers to Participation in Adult Learning /

Tom Whalley
BA (Sophie, Tokyo) MA, MEd (British Columbia) PhD (Simon Fraser)
Language Education, Intercultural Communication, Faculty Development