Criminology, Applied (Minor)


Interested in supplementing your degree with courses in criminology? If you are completing a degree in another field of study, you can apply for a Minor in Applied Criminology as a secondary credential. Consider using it to fulfil your elective requirements or to sub-specialize your studies.

Demand for graduates with applied skills in areas such as crime prevention, risk assessment, demographic research, crisis intervention and conflict de-escalation is high. A secondary credential in criminology could make you more appealing to employers in criminology-related fields.

Admissions Requirements

There are no separate admission requirements for a minor, but you must be enrolled in a degree program in order to complete a minor.


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Program Requirements

Curriculum Framework

Minor in Applied Criminology

  • This minor is available for any non-Criminology Bachelor's degree student
  • Successful completion of 27 credits
  • 15 credits upper level coursework required

Course Requirements:

Course Number Course Title Credits

CRIM 1100

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System


CRIM 1150

Introduction to Criminology



Select two lower level CRIM courses (1000/2999)



Select five upper level CRIM courses (3000/5999)


Total Credits



Program Guidelines

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