Curriculum Guideline

Administrative Assistant

Effective Date:
Program Code
Commerce & Business Administration
Office Administration
Credential Type
Transcript Title
Office Admin - Admin Asst Cert
Date of First Offering
Start Term
End Term
Certificate in Office Administration - Administrative Assistant
Length of Program
Two semesters
Admissions Requirements
  1. General Admission Requirements (excluding Language Proficiency Requirement)
  2. Strong English skills are required. Students who are weak in English skills should consider upgrading through the Developmental Studies or English as a Second Language Program.
  3. English 11 with a grade of "C" or better or the following exemptions:
    • EN 12 "P"
    • EN LIT 12 "P"
    • TPC 12 "P"
    • COMM 12 "C+"
  4. Keyboarding speeds: Full-time students require 25 net words per minute. Part-time students do not require a specific keyboarding speed for entry; however, students must provide proof of keyboarding speed before registration in any course which has a keyboarding prerequisite (see the Course Descriptions section of this Calendar). Students with no previous keyboarding experience may take beginning keyboarding (OADM 1103) during their first semester at the College.

Note: One course in this program has a pre-requisite of any Math course.

Curriculum Framework

Semester I

OADM 1238Accounting Procedures I3
OADM 1240Business Communications and Procedures3
OADM 1222Spreadsheets and Business Calculations3
OADM 1256Microcomputer Applications I3
OADM 1303Keyboarding Skill Development3

Semester II

OADM 1239Computer Bookkeeping I3
OADM 1345Administrative Procedures3
OADM 1245Employability Skills for Office Personnel3
OADM 1356Microcomputer Applications II3
OADM 1400Job Search*2

*Job Search should only be taken during your final semester in the program.

Semester III

OADM 1401Office Practicum1
Total credits 30