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The BBA in Marketing – Trades Concentration bridges the gap between Marketing Management and Trades Management. Your trades work experience counts as credits towards this degree at Douglas College. Your Red Seal Certified 4,000 hours allows you to get a bachelor’s degree in Marketing in half of the time. That means you’ll take two years (instead of four) of fundamental and higher-level marketing and business courses that will help you build marketing management strategies. If you don’t have your Red Seal Certified 4,000 hours, you can start your degree at Douglas and then continue with the concentration once you get 4,000 hours of certified work experience.

Learn essential Trades Marketing concepts

In your first year you’ll learn core marketing concepts such as buyer behaviour, personal selling, customer relationship management, promotional strategy, marketing strategy and more. In your final year, you’ll get to fully customize your education, choosing four upper level marketing classes that fit your career aspirations. Choose from classes including E-commerce, pricing for marketers, professional sales, personal selling in international marketplace, market intelligence, professional service marketing and more.

Join the Trades Marketing job market

Once you graduate you’ll be a joining a huge industry, with over 19,700 trades management job openings in BC for the next ten years*.

*Source: BC Labour Outlook

Admissions Requirements

The Trades Marketing Concentration is only available for students enrolled in the BBA Major in Marketing program.  Before admissions into the program, they must have:

  • Obtained a provincial or interprovincial trade certificate of qualification in a trade, and
  • Completed, in the last ten years, a minimum of 4000 hours of:
    • Trades training (i.e., knowledge and/or skills education in a classroom or workshop setting) in the trade for which they hold the certificate of qualification, or
    • Work experience in the trade for which they hold the certificate, or
    • A combination of trades training (i.e., knowledge and/or skills education in a classroom or workshop setting) and work experience in the trade for which they hold the certificate.

All students wanting to pursue this concentration must:

  • First, be admitted to the BBA Marketing program, and
  • Next, declare this concetration by submtting a Program Declaration form to the Registrar's Office along with evidence for the admissions requirements listed above.


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Program Requirements

Curriculum Framework

Concentration in Trades Marketing:

  • This concentration is only available for students enrolled in the BBA Major in Marketing program.
  • Students seeking a BBA Marketing with a Concentration in Trades Marketing who meet the admissions criteria will receive the following credits for their work experience and/or prior training:  
    • up to 9 lower level credits towards the Trades Marketing Concentration, and
    • 39 credits towards the BBA "Open Electives" requirements (24 lower level credits and 15 upper level credits).
  • Concentrations are not noted on credentials but will be noted on the transcript.
  • To obtain a BBA in Marketing, students admitted to the Trades Marketing Concentration must ensure that they take all required courses included in the BBA Marketing program.

Remaining Course Requirements for the Trades Marketing Concentration:

Course Number Course Title Credits

MARK Electives (see notes)

Four MARK upper level courses (3000-4000 level)

Total Credits   12.00



  1. Students in this BBA program will likely have met all pre-requisite requirements upon entering this concentration; however, it is suggested that students take note of pre-requisites. This information can be found on the Douglas College Program and Course Catogue.
  2. Students taking this concentration will have completed the educational requirements for the American Marketing Association’s Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) industry credential. For information on additional requirements for credentials, students will want to contact the Douglas College Director of Business Programs or the industry body.
  3. Students interested in other areas, such as accounting, business, business law, computing studies, hospitality, and economics for adding breadth in their studies can explore other courses and progran offerings in Commerce and Business Administration in the Douglas College course catalogue online.



Program Guidelines

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