Curriculum Guideline

Psychology (TRU-OL/Douglas College Bachelor of Arts)

Effective Date:
Program Code
Humanities & Social Sciences
Credential Type
Bachelor's Degree
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Not Specified
Bachelor's Degree
Admissions Requirements

The only admission requirements for this program are the Douglas College General Admission Requirements.  There are no additional requirements for TRU-OL.

Curriculum Framework

The BA Psychology program requirements can be found on the TRU-OL website.

  1. General Education (24 credits) and Lower-level Psychology (6 credits) requirements would be met by these Douglas College equivalents:

    PSYC 1100 Introduction to Psychology 1
    PSYC 1200 Introduction to Psychology 2
    PSYC 2300 Data Analysis
    PSYC 2301 Research Methods

    One other 2nd year PSYC course

    Two English courses (6 credits – check the TRU-OL website for what meets the requirements), 2 Humanities courses (not English), 1 math or science course.  Check the BC Transfer Guide for equivalence.

  2. Upper-level Psychology requirements (30 credits) for TRU-OL are 9 courses at the 3000 or 4000 level plus TRU-OL’s Psych 4991 (Directed Studies).  Not all Douglas College upper-level courses are transferable as such, so check with the TRU-OL advisor ( or the Douglas College TRU-OL B.A. coordinator when making your plans.

  3. Elective courses comprise the remainder of the TRU-OL requirements for the B.A.  You must complete 20 transferable courses (60 credits).  These can be from any academic area but 5 of them (15 credits) must be upper-level.  Review your plans for these with the TRU-OL advisor.

In order to graduate you must take 5 courses or more through TRU-OL.  These can be at any level and in any academic area.