Douglas College launches B.C.’s first Advanced Certificate in Applied Audio, featuring innovative immersive technology

Music students and industry professionals will have the opportunity to upgrade their existing skills and gain hands-on experience with cutting edge immersive audio technology through Douglas College’s new Advanced Certificate in Applied Audio program. 

Beginning in Summer 2024, the Advanced Certificate in Applied Audio runs full time for two semesters. In it, students will receive personalized, one-on-one guidance with instructors while they explore the latest audio innovations: interactive technology, including Wwise and the Unreal Engine, and mixing for immersive sound environments in Douglas’s upcoming Dolby Atmos studio.  

“There are movie theatres and recording studios as well as music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify that use this immersive technology,” said Hazel Fairbairn, Music Technology Program Coordinator. “Providing our students with the opportunity to work with this technology during their education journey means that when they graduate, they’ll be well-equipped to enter the industry in these emerging areas.” 

The new Dolby Atmos studio will be available starting Fall 2024. Douglas is the first and only post-secondary institute in the province to incorporate its groundbreaking immersive audio technology into a curriculum. Such state-of-the-art technology provides users with a full 360-degree sound experience, which is used across film, music and video game industries. 

This program is aimed at both career-starters as they enter the industry for the first time and mid-career professionals looking for a professional development opportunity. 

“The technologies we’re offering are difficult to learn outside of the post-secondary environment especially for someone that’s already well into their career. This kind of re-skilling is extremely important to stand out in a continuously shifting technology-focused industry,” Fairbairn said. “With courses in game audio implementation, sound design, Foley, psychoacoustics, digital storytelling and much more, this program goes beyond the competency of sound and looks at not just how we create sound but also why we do it.” 

The first intake for the Advanced Certificate in Applied Audio program is May 2024 and applications are already open. Those interested in registering for this program can apply online through Douglas College’s website

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