Digitally-influenced art exhibit at Douglas College leaves its interpretation up to you

An abstract art collection invites viewers to create their own meaning through a new exhibit at Douglas College’s New Westminster Campus. 

On September 13, the Amelia Douglas Gallery presents NEXT LEVEL by Daniil Alikov. Created intentionally without meaning, NEXT LEVEL asks viewers to directly engage with their emotional and visceral responses to what they see.  

Alikov refers to his style as an intersection between fashion, design, technology and futuristic fantasies. Although he maintains his own unique style, Alikov’s work has been largely inspired by digital media. This influence is evident through his use of monochrome pixilated patterns, swirling pops of colour and thick angular lines representing images like barcodes. 

“The whole Internet culture, through that tiny portion I see every day, is shaping my vision and style,” says Alikov. “Contemporary fashion, modern fabrics and materials, industrial design, NFT all influences me.” 

His vast artistic background has culminated in a unique blend of techniques including paintings, digital artwork and sculpture using bold fabrics and everyday objects. 

“The moment I saw Daniil’s work, I felt drawn to it,” says Colleen Maybin, Director of Performing and Fine Arts at Douglas College. “The collection has a sense of motion to it, almost like a roadway or a track heading in a specific direction.” 

Maybin says that abstract art like NEXT LEVEL will open the door to learning opportunities for students and gallery viewers alike. “There is no right answer, there is only what they bring to the encounter with the artwork and how they feel in the moment. This approach to learning is also an approach to life.” 

Alikov is a self-taught artist based out of Richmond, B.C. whose work is currently featured in private collections in Monaco, New York and Tokyo. He has also worked as a visual effects artist for movies, including Avengers: Endgame, Deadpool 2 and Ready Player One. 

NEXT LEVEL’s opening reception takes place on September 13 at 5pm, followed by an artist's talk with Alikov at 7pm in Room N2203. The exhibit runs until November 23. 

This exhibit will also be available for viewing during the 19th annual New West Culture Crawl, an arts and culture event celebrating creative talents across the city. The Culture Crawl takes place October 15 and 16 from 11am–5pm.  

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