Douglas College prepares grads to be world citizens with new credential in global competencies

Students at Douglas College can soon begin adding “global citizen” to their resumés with a credential designed to help them succeed in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world.

Launching in September, the 15-credit Global Competency Certificate (GCC) recognizes students who gain global perspectives on the content and problems of their discipline, develop global competencies and pursue international or intercultural learning experiences.

Global competencies include critical thinking, intercultural communication, knowledge of sustainable and inclusive economies, and an understanding of diverse worldviews.

“Global citizens have the ability to live harmoniously in multicultural communities, take action for collective well-being and link their local actions to global issues,” said Dr. Brian Storey, Director of Global Engagement and International Student Services at Douglas College. “Having a credential that recognizes these competencies will make graduates valuable citizens and will give them a competitive advantage in the job market.”

Storey pointed out the credential will be an asset for grads eyeing careers in international education, refugee and immigrant services, international business, global supply chain management, environmental sustainability, international relations and others.

Students can choose GCC-eligible courses from across all six faculties – Applied Community Studies; Health Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences; Science and Technology; Commerce and Business Administration; and Language, Literature and Performing Arts – and can complete the certificate while pursuing their current studies.

“The GCC will complement a student’s primary credential,” said Dr. Jason Bourget, English Instructor and GCC Program Developer. “Not only will they earn a credential in their chosen discipline, but they’ll also have the skills to apply it in broader global contexts. At this point in history, we need grads who are able to critically examine global and intercultural issues and engage in open, appropriate and effective cross-cultural interactions.”

As part of the credential, students will build their global competencies through an international or local learning experience, such as an exchange, field school or volunteer opportunity.

“It’s really great that the GCC will recognize the transformative experience of studying abroad,” said Jordan Andrew, an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing grad who attended a field school in Scotland in 2018. “There is so much more to travel than just seeing the world – it can also contribute to making the world a better place.”

Douglas College is the largest degree-granting college in B.C., combining the academic foundations of a university and the employer-ready skills of a college to graduate resilient global citizens who adapt, innovate and lead in a changing world.

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