Social Sciences

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SOSC 2140

Behaviour in Organizations

This course introduces and explores social science theory and research as it applies to human behaviour in organizations. Organizational systems, group dynamics, and individual behaviour are studied in order to gain an understanding of how these factors contribute to organizational effectiveness and member satisfaction.

SOSC 3140

Organizational Theory and Design

This course takes the organization as the main unit of analysis. A broad range of organizational theories are considered including classical theory, institutional theory, systems theory, critical theory, cultural theory and post modern theories. Using case studies from public, private and not-for-profit sectors, students apply the theories in the examination of key themes and issues, including organizational change and the evolving nature of management and leadership. Students may work in teams to design and present proposals for new organizational forms.

SOSC 3141

International Organizational Behaviour

This course explores the international variability of organizational behavior, including variability in organizational conflict and power, work motivation, work attitudes, teamwork, organizational culture and leadership. Drawing on a range of theories about cultural differences and their effect on behavior, the course examines the extent to which ideas that have been formulated in developed western countries are sufficient to explain organizational behavior in other areas of the world. As part of the course, students research a major topic in organizational behavior and analyze the differences between Canada and one country outside of the economically developed, western world.

SOSC 3399

Directed Studies in Social Sciences

Directed Studies in Social Sciences provides students with an opportunity to pursue a specific research interest. The research may involve conducting: (a) a review and analysis of published research and theoretical articles, or (b) original research within a Social Sciences discipline. Directed studies projects are supervised and evaluated by a faculty member. Students must submit an application for approval of their directed studies project to the appropriate Department Chair.

SOSC 4301

Program Evaluation

This course provides an intensive introduction to organizational, methodological and professional issues involved in evaluating programs and measuring performance in organizations. It offers a practical understanding of the alternative approaches to program evaluation including expertise and consumer oriented approaches, program oriented approaches, decision oriented approaches and participant oriented approaches. Students are introduced to methods for planning, conducting and reporting on evaluations using both quantitative and qualitative data. As part of the course, students participate in a service learning activity involving a program evaluation conducted by an organization.