Classroom & Community Support

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Code Course Description
CCSD 2100

Flexible Completion

This course provides opportunities for individualized study, which meet the learning needs of students who are transfering credit from another institution or program and/or are challenging courses through prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR). Working with program faculty, students will develop and complete assignments/projects/portfolios, which meet individually identified criteria that do not match existing course offerings.

CCSD 2370

Personal Assistance

This applied course emphasizes support skills in personal care and health related procedures. Students will practice specific skills and reflect on the underlying values of caring interactions while supporting people in their day-to-day lives.

CCSD 2420

Personal and Professional Leadership

This capstone course is designed to deepen understanding and application of evidence-based practice. Students will have the opportunity to explore personal and professional leadership opportunities and challenges available in education and human service practice contexts.

CCSD 2431

Contemp Practice in Adult Serv

This course provides students with an understanding of the unique needs and issues facing adults with disabilities utilizing services. Emphasis will be placed on current research and practical knowledge related to inclusive post secondary education, employment, and supports associated with aging and end of life care.

CCSD 2440


This applied course uses a service-learning model as a means for students to define practice skills and make direct contributions to the community. Students have the option of completing a service-learning practicum in typical practice settings or completing a unique service-learning project that would benefit others and provide opportunities for individualized out-of-the-ordinary learning.

CCSD 2480

Community Building

An introduction to the art and craft of community building, this course provides opportunities to explore the challenge of community development and focuses on the practical skills of finding, creating and nurturing spaces in which all people are valued. Strategies for strengthening family involvement and facilitating social networks will be explored.

CFCS 3050

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) across the Lifespan

This course explores Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, its etiology, diagnosis, assessment, commonly related issues and co-morbid conditions. It also investigates interventions, supports and services across the lifespan.