Fieldwork IV

Curriculum Guideline

Effective Date:
Course Code
SPSC 4101
Fieldwork IV
Sport Science
Science & Technology
Start Date
End Term
Semester Length
15 weeks
Max Class Size
Contact Hours
7 hours seminar 23 hours fieldwork (distributed learning)
Method(s) Of Instruction
Field Experience
Learning Activities
  1. Lecture
  2. Discussion groups
  3. Practical application
  4. Field observation and/or video observation
  5. Self-study via print or online materials
  6. Reading assignments
  7. Online discussion groups
Course Description
This fieldwork experience involves the practical application of instruction and coaching principles. Students will design, implement and evaluate a microcycle, unit plan or series of related sessions. Students will also examine their own leadership and group management skills.
Course Content
  1. Introduction to placement
  • Workplace behaviours
  • Planning and preparation
  • Leadership expectations
  • Personal leadership plan
    • Personal assessment
    • Group management skill assessment
    • Styles
    • Interpretation Personal plan
    • Monitoring the plan
    • Adjustments
  • Unit plan, microcycle or series design
    • Sequential planning
    • Variation and creativity
    • Time and intensity management
    • Linking of objectives and activities over a longer term
  • Implementation
    • Lateral and vertical integration
    • Enjoyment variables
    • Inclusive programming
    • Feedback for performance improvement
    • Feedback for increasing satisfaction and motivation
    • Adjustments and variations
    • Equipment
    • Safety
  • Evaluation
    • Gathering and linking information
    • Information analysis over time
    • Preparing recommendations
  • Professionalism:  Network development
    • Personal networks
    • Professional networks
    • Network development and maintenance
  • Personal leadership
    • Self confidence
    • Innovativeness
  • Social leadership
    • Teamwork
    • Developing leadership skills in others
    • Organizational political awareness
    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this fieldwork course, the student shall be able to:

    1. Demonstrate personal and professional networking skills.
    2. Design, implement and evaluate a group of sessions such as a microcycle, unit plan or series of sessions.
    3. Demonstrate personal leadership characteristics relating to self-confidence, optimism and innovativeness.
    4. Demonstrate social leadership characteristics relating to teamwork, developing others, conflict management and organizational political awareness.
    5. Demonstrate organizational networking skills.
    6. Implement and monitor a personal improvement plan for personal leadership styles and group management processes.
    Means of Assessment

    This is a mastery/non-mastery course based on the following components of assessment.

    The selection of evaluation tools for this course is based upon adherence to Douglas College evaluation policy regarding number and weighting of evaluations, for example a course of three credits or more should have at least three separate evaluations.

    The following are presented as sample assessment formats for this course:

    1. Assignments
    2. Journal submissions
    3. Fieldwork evaluation
    4. Preparation, Participation and Session Leadership

    Students must attend all scheduled seminars (meetings), achieve at least a ‘mastery’ level competency (70%) on all assignments, complete 23 fieldwork hours under the supervision of a Site Supervisor or assigned designate and achieve at least a 24/40 rating on 14- point Professional Checklist rated by Site Supervisor to receive credit for this course.

    Textbook Materials

    Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students:

    Will be decided by course instructors. Potential resources include:

    • Fieldwork IV Course Pack

    Certifications/Conference requirements:

    As part of the course, instructors and students may engage in extra-curricular certification processes that overlap with the curriculum of the class. Fees for professional certification, where applicable, will be borne by the student. Potential certifications relating to this course include:

    • N.C.C.P. technical certification