Curriculum Guideline

Advanced French II, Introduction to French Language & Composition II

Effective Date:
Course Code
MODL 3302
Advanced French II, Introduction to French Language & Composition II
Modern Languages
Language, Literature & Performing Arts
Start Date
End Term
Not Specified
Semester Length
15 weeks
Max Class Size
Contact Hours
Seminar: 4 hrs/week Lab: 1 hr/week
Method Of Instruction
Methods Of Instruction

Class activities include: practice of syntactic and lexical structures, discussion of readings, written work and oral presentations.

Conversation practice in small groups with a Native Language Assistant.

Course Description
This course is designed for students who have completed MODL 3301 or equivalent. It builds on previously acquired skills, develops reading and writing skills, and provides an understanding of Francophone cultures. Only French is spoken in class.
Course Content

Systematic in-depth study of:

  1. Syntactic structures
  2. Lexicon
  3. Stylistics
  4. Culture through works of Francophone writers
Learning Outcomes

The student will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in French at the advanced level in:

  1. Aural comprehension of authentic language situations.
  2. Reading comprehension of advanced written material.
  3. Speech delivery: supporting an opinion, defending a point of view, and making hypotheses.
  4. Written expression: expository writing.
  5. Understanding and appreciating differences and similarities in cultures as expressed in the works of Francophone writers.
Means of Assessment

Written Evaluations 60%

(May include, but not limited to, writing and reading exercises, chapter tests, paragraph writing, written homework, preparation, final written exam)

Oral Evaluations 40%

(May include, but not limited to, oral tests, oral presentations, listening comprehension, conversation lab, attendance, preparation, class participation, final oral exam)

No single evaluation will be worth more than 20%.

Textbook Materials

Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students

A lower-advanced-level French book such as:

  • Renaud and van Hooff. En bonne forme. Wiley.

MODL 1111 or MODL 3301 (Minimum Grade of C) or French Immersion 12 (Minimum Grade of P) or Assessment (see calendar).



Which Prerequisite