Basic Chinese I (Mandarin)

Curriculum Guideline

Effective Date:
Course Code
MODL 1191
Basic Chinese I (Mandarin)
Modern Languages
Language, Literature & Performing Arts
Start Date
End Term
Not Specified
Semester Length
15 weeks
Max Class Size
Course Designation
Certificate in Global Competency
Industry Designation
Contact Hours
Seminar: 4 hrs /week Lab: 1 hr /week
Method(s) Of Instruction
Learning Activities

The functional and communicative approach is used where appropriate. Classroom activities include:

  • presentation of material by the instructor, practice in pairs and small groups, listening comprehension, audiovisual presentations, on-line materials and conversation labs in small groups with a Native Language Assistant.
Course Description
This course is designed for students with little or no knowledge of Chinese. It is designed to provide them with basic oral and written communicative skills through the study of vocabulary, grammar and culture. Chinese is used in class as much as possible
Course Content

Systematic introduction of:

  1. Basic syntactic structures (daily expressions and some idiomatic phrases)
  2. Basic lexicon (to a minimum of 200 lexical items)
  3. Basic strokes and components of Chinese characters
  4. The phonological system of Mandarin (Pinyin or romanized Chinese phonetic transcription, including tones)
  5. Some aspects of the Chinese culture
Learning Outcomes

The student will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in Mandarin at the basic level in:

  1. Aural comprehension of simple discourse
  2. Reading comprehension of simplified texts, in both Pinyin and Chinese letters
  3. Speech delivery: extend greetings, express needs, ask questions and give replies
  4. Written expression: simple sentences and short dialogues, in Chinese characters
  5. Understanding target cultures
Means of Assessment
Written Evaluations
(May include but not limited to writing and reading exercises, chapter tests, paragraph writing, written homework, preparation, Final Written Exam)
Oral Evaluations
(May include but not limited to oral tests, oral presentations, listening comprehension, conversation lab, attendance, preparation, class participation, Final Oral Exam)

No single evaluation will be worth more than 20%.

Textbook Materials
  • Chinese Link Level 1 Part 1 Intermediate Chinese Wu and Yu Prentice Hall (Pearson Publishing)
  • Chinese character book for Chinese Link Level 1 Part 1 Wu and Yu
  • My Chinese Lab with Pearson E text
Which Prerequisite