Curriculum Guideline

Clinical Practicum II

Effective Date:
Course Code
HEAR 2210
Clinical Practicum II
Hearing Instrument Practitioner
Science & Technology
Start Date
End Term
Not Specified
Semester Length
15 Weeks
Max Class Size
Contact Hours

4 hours per week/60 hours per semester

Method Of Instruction
Methods Of Instruction

1. Student to complete 60 hours of work in an external hearing clinic or in the on-campus hearing clinic

2. Independent study of courseware

3. Approved preceptor will supervise student activity

Course Description
This course provides learning opportunities in hearing instrument dispensing at an advanced level. Students will apply knowledge and skills from related theory and laboratory courses in the 2nd year Fall semester to gain additional clinical experience and interaction with clients. Students will continue their clinical practice in an approved external hearing clinic or in the on-campus hearing laboratory, where they will take patient medical histories, complete intake forms, perform pretest otoscopy, and hearing tests as well as make recommendations based on the final test results.
Course Content

1. Orientation to clinical practice

2. Professional practice, testing, and evaluation

3. Office management

4. Counselling and communication

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: 

  1. Practice hearing instrument dispensing in a professional, legal and ethical manner.
  2. Perform the basic audiometric test battery.
  3. Perform hearing aid troubleshooting, earmold impressions, and maintenance counselling.
  4. Use technology consistent with current practices in the hearing health care field.
  5. Demonstrate effective critical thinking and decision making skills.
  6. Use supervisor(s) feedback to reflect on and improve their practice.


Means of Assessment

The course evaluation is consistent with the Douglas College Evaluation Policy.  This is a mastery course.

Textbook Materials

No textbooks required. A student practicum manual will be provided by the instructor at the beginning of the semester.