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Admissions FAQ

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Frequently asked questions

How many programs can I apply to?

You may select 2 programs on your application for admission.  It is recommended that students who are applying to a limited enrolment program also select an open enrolment program.

What is the fee to apply?

$34.65 for Canadian students. $100 for International students.

What is preferential admission?

Preferential admission is a selective admission process that uses a structured format to evaluate all applicants in relation to the admission criteria established for the program. Applicants are ranked according to the degree to which they have met the admission criteria. Date of application will be used only when one or more applicants have the same numeric ranking.

How long is the wait-list for Douglas College Programs?

There is no wait-list for open enrolment or limited enrolment. For specific information please refer to the Douglas College Catalog.

I got a letter saying I'm in the program. Why do I have to submit any documents and/or do testing?

The first letter you received was an acknowledgment letter thanking you for your application and indicating it has been forwarded to an Admissions Officer for processing.

The second letter you received outlined the admission requirements for the program to which you applied. Limited enrolment programs have specific admission requirements which must be completed before you can be admitted to the program. For details about specific programs, please refer to the Douglas College Catalog.

When will I hear that I have been accepted to or have a seat in the program?

You will receive a letter from Douglas College acknowledging your application to a limited enrolment program approximately two to three weeks after submission. An Admissions Officer will advise you in writing of all admission requirements for the selected program.

You must successfully complete all of the minimum academic admission requirements and interview (if applicable). Once these requirements are met, your name will remain on the list for an available seat in the program. Offers are made based on the ranking of an applicant in a pool of qualified candidates.

Selected students who are being made a seat offer will receive notification in writing. Once an offer has been made, some programs require a medical, a criminal record search and a $350 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit to hold the seat for them.

After these final requirements are met, the applicant will receive full acceptance to the program.

What if I don't get in this year? Do I have to reapply?

If all admission requirements have been met for limited enrolment programs but a seat is not available, you must reapply to be considered for the next intake. You will be notified in writing once the admission process is complete and the program is full.  

What if I'm an International student?

For detailed and up-to-date information on International student applications, please visit the Admissions section of the Douglas College Catalogue.