Fitness classes

Meet online or in-person with some friends with one of our fabulous instructors. We offer classes almost daily from a morning rise and shine class to yoga and circuit training. Check out the schedule below:

Fitness Class Descriptions

PILATES: Pilates is a system of repetitive exercises performed on a mat or other equipment to promote strength, stability, and flexibility. Pilates exercises develop the body through muscular effort that stems from the core. The technique cultivates awareness of the body to support everyday movements that are efficient and graceful.
Intensity: Moderate 
Benefits: Pilates promotes flat abdominal muscles, a natural result of a system of exercises that emphasizes core strength, flexibility, and skeletal alignment. The core muscles are the deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back.

CIRCUIT TRAINING: Enjoy this full body workout for all abilities. You will work at your own pace with 10 exercises that we will work through 3 times.  You will leave this workout feeling sweaty, refreshed and energetic.  
Intensity: Moderate to Hard 
Benefits: Improve your overall bodies strength and cardio. This class is a great way to gain strength and burn fat.

LEGS & CORE:  We will be utilizing our body weight and our at home essentials to achieve optimal results! These exercises will strengthen our foundation and solid base: legs and core.
Intensity: Moderate
Benefits: Improves your leg strength to help you enjoy the activities you love. Great for walking, hiking, skiing or snowboarding.

RISE & SHINE:  Energize and get ready for your day with some sweat and smiles. This 30-minute class is mix of cardio, strength training and core.
Intensity: Moderate to Hard
Benefits: Improves your cardio & muscle strength. This class can also improve your metabolism and help you burn fat.  

RESTORATIVE FLOW: In a Restorative Flow Class, you can expect to find a contrast to your busy lifestyle, workout and sports. This class is designed to calm the nervous system using light breathwork, meditation and full body stretches-specifically targeting areas that most commonly cause tension and affect our daily lives. This class allows us a chance to recharge with a better ability to keep the mind and body healthy, resilient and reset.

Intensity: Moderate

YOGA: Breathing exercises to cleanse, postures to strengthen, and relaxation for the mind and body. Yoga uses bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana) with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body and a clear peaceful mind. 
Intensity: Low
Benefits: Improves your flexibility, balance and posture. This class is a great way to work out the kinks and ​get the body moving.