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Academic Advising

Academic Advising is available to assist students in creating a plan to reach their academic and career goals. Academic advising is available throughout your post-secondary journey at Douglas. 

What can Academic Advisors help with?

  • Admission requirements
  • Program and course planning
  • Graduation requirements
  • Prerequisites and upgrading options
  • Transferring to universities and other institutions within B.C.*
  • Academic resources and tools
  • Other on-campus support services 

*Due to the complex nature of university transfer, you are strongly encouraged to confirm course selections with the receiving institution. Douglas College Academic Advisors cannot be held responsible for confirmation of course transferability to receiving institutions. 

We would love to help you with everything, however, we are not able to choose your program or your courses for you. Picking a program and selecting courses is something you need to do on your own after careful consideration. You should consider the field or area you would like to work in and what interests you. Consider your strengths. If you want to learn more about a discipline, attend an information session or contact the department for further insight. Consider career counselling, a free service for our students or visit our Career Centre

Talk to an advisor Workshops and events

 Plan your courses Transfer to university

 Video tutorials Other resources

Need advice on career options? Contact one of our Career Counsellors.

Need help with registration? Visit our Registration step-by-step page or call the Registrar's Office helpline at 604 527 5478.


Where should I go for help?

Here are some examples of questions or concerns to help you decide which service to use:

Enrolment Services and Advising (Office of the Registrar)

  • What are the college or program admission requirements?
  • I want to apply to a Douglas College program but don’t know how to get started
  • I’m not sure how I can complete the prerequisites requirements for a program or course
  • I know which career I’d like, but don’t know which program I should pursue
  • I need to drop a course and would like to revise my educational plan
  • Can I transfer the courses I take at Douglas to other institutions?
  • What assessment tests will I need to do to get into a program/course?
  • I don’t know what courses I need to take to graduate from my program or to transfer to another institution
  • I am having trouble registering for a course
  • I don’t understand Douglas College policies

If this service seems right for you, Academic Advising is offered at select times each day of the week.


Counselling(located in Student Services)

  • I don’t know what career to choose
  • I want to go back to school but I’m not sure which field would be best for me
  • I’m not sure if I’m making good choices for my future
  • I need help with decision making about my future life goals
  • I can’t handle my course load and I’m worried I will not be successful
  • I get very anxious about taking tests and can’t remember anything
  • I’m feeling really down and unmotivated
  • I’m not sleeping and have no appetite
  • I’m having problems at home that are affecting my studies
  • I’ve missed a lot of classes because I’ve been sick. What are my options to catch up?
  • I’m on Academic Probation and now I’m blocked from registering for my classes
  • I need help with a petition to ask for a refund/late withdrawal

If this service seems right for you, contact Student Services to book an appointment.


Career Coaching (located in the Career Centre)

  • I need help finding a job
  • I need more information on a specific career, such as job prospects or what to expect in a certain occupation
  • I need help in practicing interview skills
  • I need help with writing a resume and/or cover letter to apply for jobs
  • I want to learn more about how to network to make connections with potential employers and advance my career
  • I want to know what career options I have with my degree or diploma
  • I need resources on researching job options
  • I want to know what kind of skills I need to get into my career
  • I need help setting up a LinkedIn account
  • I want to learn more about workplace culture and communications
  • I want to learn about career development
  • I want to meet with potential employers through recruiting, networking, and job fairs
  • I want to learn more about getting a co-op job
  • I need help starting out in my career
  • I want to meet with someone in my industry to learn more and don't know how to get started

If this service seems right for you, log in to CareerHUB to book an appointment, register for a workshop, or review our resources.