Fieldwork - supervisor information

Interested in being a site supervisor?

Are you a Lower Mainland elementary or secondary-school teacher interested in taking on a student volunteer? Are you a Lower Mainland kinesiologist, physiotherapists, sports medicine practitioner or athletic therapist interested in taking on a student volunteer? Are you a Lower Mainland sports team or organization interested in taking on a student volunteer?

How do you become a site supervisor?

Contact the Placement Coordinator, Jasmine Basi

What are your responsibilities?

  • The fieldwork model is based on experiential learning. There is no supervision or visitation from College Faculty and the course is graded on a pass/fail Mastery basis.
  • As a fieldwork site supervisor, your responsibility will be to:
  • Commit to taking student(s) in either the fall or winter semester, or both.
  • Once a student is assigned to you, make yourself available for an initial meeting (approximately 1 hour) to get to know your student and determine the goals and schedule for the fieldwork.
  • Review the Douglas College BPEC Fieldwork documents to understand structure and expectations.
  • Orientate the student to your organization by formally introducing the student to the administration, other staff members and the clients/students/athletes.
  • Provide ongoing feedback to the BPEC student on their professional development.
  • Provide the BPEC student with opportunities for observing, assisting and leading directly with your clients/students/athletes. 
  • At the end of the semester complete the Final Evaluation of the student.

How many students are available?

Each term, there are anywhere from 100-120  students who need to be placed. We try to determine these placements in June for September placements, and December for January placements.

Additional Information about Fieldwork

For a full description of the Fieldwork program, please click here. 
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