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Class Piano I

Course Code: MUSC 1116
Faculty: Language, Literature & Performing Arts
Department: Music
Credits: 2.0
Semester: 15 weeks
Learning Format: Tutorial
Typically Offered: TBD. Contact Department Chair for more info.
course overview

An introductory keyboard course for students with little or no previous keyboard experience. The course includes development of basic finger technique thorough keyboard orientation, elementary harmony exercises, sight reading and repertoire.

Course Content

  1. Scales: major and minor, one octave, hands separately.
  2. Triads on all scale degrees in major and minor keys: one octave, hands separately.
  3. Triads and inversions: one octave, solid and broken, hands separately.
  4. Five types of seventh chords (MM, Mm, mm, half diminished, fully diminished); formation in root position.
  5. Chord progressions in keyboard or four-part style as follows:
    • I-IV-V-I,
    • I-IV-V-VI,
    • I-IV-V7-VI I-II-V-I,
    • I-II-V-VI,
    • I-II-V7-I,
    • I-II-V7-VI
  6. Sight reading: treble and bass melodies, hands separately; simple melodies, hands together; chords at random, hands separately.
  7. Transposition: simple melodies – in keys up to three sharps and flats, hands separately.
  8. Harmonization: simple diatonic melodies using block chords. I-IV and V.
  9. Improvisation: using a prescribed harmonic structure.
  10. Repertoire: appropriate to the student's skills.

Methods of Instruction

Instruction will be by lecture, demonstration and supervised practice.

Means of Assessment

The grade will be calculated on the basis of progress made in the various aspects of the course:

40% of total mark will be allotted by instructor based on weekly progress
20% of total mark will be allotted by instructor based on regular quizzes
15% of total mark will be based on an in-class mid-term test
25% of total mark will be based on an in-class final exam


As this is a skill-oriented course, regular attendance is required in order to develop fluent keyboard skills. Therefore, 100% attendance is desired. The failure to attend regularly will result in reduction of a final grade as shown below:

  • 4 unexcused absences: minus 10%
  • 8 unexcused absences: minus 15%
  • students who miss 30% or more of scheduled class time will receive a final grade of UN (unofficial withdrawal)

Learning Outcomes

The successful student will be able to demonstrate the fundamentals of keyboard sight reading, accompaniment, transposition, improvisation, keyboard harmony, technique and piano repertoire.

course prerequisites

Acceptance to Music Diploma Program or permission of instructor.


MUSC 1110

curriculum guidelines

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course schedule and availability
course transferability

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A course is considered university-transferable (UT) if it transfers to at least one of the five research universities in British Columbia: University of British Columbia; University of British Columbia-Okanagan; Simon Fraser University; University of Victoria; and the University of Northern British Columbia.

For more information on transfer visit the BC Transfer Guide and BCCAT websites.


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