Curriculum Guideline

Diploma in Sport Science - Kinesiology Specialization

Effective Date:
Program Code
Science & Technology
Sport Science
Credential Type
Transcript Title
Sport Sci Dipl - Kines Special
Date of First Offering
Start Term
End Term
Diploma in Sport Science - Specialization in Kinesiology
Length of Program
Four semesters
Admissions Requirements

The Sport Science department uses a preferential admission procedure. Admission to the Sport Science Diploma program is contingent upon:

  1. Availability of seats; and
  2. All of the admission requirements in either section A or B below; and
  3. All of the admission requirements of section C below; and
  4. Applicant ranking as determined by a process of preferential admission evaluation. The preferential admission process will assign scores to:
    1. Two professional references notes 1,2 below
    2. GPA

Following this review applicants are ranked according to their total score. Applicants with the same total score will be offered seats based on their date of application.

A) Minimum Academic Admission Requirements: Secondary Applicants

  1. General Admission Requirements; and
  2. English 12 with a minimum grade of "C", or approved substitutionnote3; and
  3. Math 11 with a minimum grade of "C", or equivalent note4; and
  4. Three grade 11 or 12 courses with a minimum grade of "C".

B) Minimum Academic Admission Requirements: Post-secondary Applicants 
(Note: Students who have completed 12 or more university transferable credits will be considered as post-secondary applicants.)

  1. General Admission Requirements; and
  2. English 12 with a minimum grade of "C", or approved substitutionnote3; and
  3. Math 11 with a minimum grade of "C", or equivalent note4; and
  4. Minimum post-secondary GPA of 2.33 (minimum 12 credits).

C) All Applicants

  1. Two reference forms from coaches, PE teachers or community leaders verifying one season of sport experience and character reference note1


  1. A professional referee may include but is not limited to: a teacher, coach, employer, etc. Family members are not able to act as referees. Each referee’s full name, contact information, and nature of relationship to applicant must be provided.
  2. Based on reference responses, the Sport Science Department may conduct interviews with all or chosen applicants.
  3. ENGL 1130 is a Graduation requirement of the program, therefore students who do not have at least a "B" grade in English 12 will be required to write the Douglas College computer-based English assessment to become eligible to register in ENGL 1130.
  4. Recommended courses:
    1. To fulfill the Math 11 admission requirement, Principles of Math 11, Foundations of Math 11, or higher are recommended 
    2. PE 11 or 12 or equivalent is an additional recommended course
Curriculum Framework

60 credits (20 courses) meeting all of the following criteria:

  •  Minimum 30 Sport Science credits which must include:
    •  1103; 1105; 1151; 1164; 1195; 2205; 2231; 2275; plus 2 SPSC electives; 
  •  Minimum 12 non-Sport Science elective credits (4 courses); 
  •  6 Anatomy and physiology credits:
    •  BIOL 1109 or 1103 or equivalent, and
    •  BIOL1209 or 1203 or equivalent;
  •  3 Math credits; 
  •  3 English credits (English 1130 recommended)
  •  Any remaining credits are to be selected depending on student transfer destination


  •  All courses must be university transfer and must be selected from a minimum of four subject areas.
  •  Students are advised to align their non-Sport Science elective courses with the post-secondary institution to which they plan to transfer (e.g., UBC Kinesiology requires 4 science elective courses from Biology, Chemistry, Math, or Physics)
  •  Students need not be registered in the Sport Science program to qualify for the Diploma in Sport Science.