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Not sure what you want to study? Explore your options while accumulating credits - and without wasting time or money - with the Certificate in Academic Foundations. With this flexible, one-year credential, you can (with our help) build your own program while exploring your interests in the arts and sciences. This certificate is designed for maximum transferability to programs at Douglas College or other institutions. 

You'll take part in classroom discussions and give presentations, experiment in the lab and attend lectures to develop and enhance your critical-thinking, writing, research and presentation skills, competencies that are crucial to success in your future career or further education. 

Program Requirements

Curriculum Framework

Graduation Requirements:

  • Successful completion of 30 credits
  • A minimum of 50% of the required program courses must be taken at Douglas College.

Course Requirements:

Course Number Course Title Credits


Select any university transferable** ENGL course (CMNS or CRWR can be used if the course transfers as an English course to one of UBC/UBCO, SFU, UNBC, or UVic.)



Select any university transferable** Mathematics, Statistics (MATH 1160, PSYC 2300, BUSN 2429, etc.), or Computing Science (CMPT/CSIS/CISY) course


Lab Science

Select any university transferable** lab science course. (BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, GEOG, GEOL, SCIE)


Arts and Sciences Electives

Select a minimum of 12 university transferable** credits in the Arts and/or Sciences.



Select any university transferable** course.


Total Credits



** A university transferable course is a course that transfers to one of the 5 Research Universities - SFU, UBC, UBCO, UNBC or UVIC – according to the BC Transfer Guide.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants must meet the admission requirements listed below:

Note: Prerequisites for some courses are:

  • Foundations of Math 11 with a C (or equivalent), or Pre-calculus 11 with a C (or equivalent) are prerequisites for many Math and Statistics courses
  • Some lab courses have high school prerequisites such as Biology 12, Chemistry 11 or 12 and Physics 11 or 12

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you check each individual course prerequisite and ensure that you have completed requirements prior to registration.


You can get an average cost for your program - tuition and student fees, books, uniforms, lab fees etc - on the Program Cost page. 

Only programs approved for student loan funding are listed on the Program Cost page. For all other programs, refer to the Tuition Fee page.

Career Pathways

This program will prepare you for further education and enhance your current skill set. Develop your academic experience, discover what interests you and apply your new knowledge to your future career.

Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines for previous years are viewable by selecting the version desired. If you took this program and do not see a listing for the starting semester / year of the program, consider the previous version as the applicable version.