Douglas College’s Computing Science program receives Unreal Engine Academic Partner authorization

Douglas College’s Computing Science program is now an authorized Unreal Engine Education Partner, helping students get a leg up in the gaming industry.

The Unreal Engine Academic Partner authorization reflects the high standard of applied learning in the Diploma in Computing Science in the Game Development stream.

“Epic Games is a leader in games development technology, and this authorization is a resounding endorsement for the quality of our program and the skills of our graduates,” said Dr. Brian Chapell, Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology at Douglas College. "This collaboration allows Douglas to continue providing graduates with in-demand skills in the sector.”

Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), developed by Epic Games, is the latest generation of a platform with features that allow game developers to create lifelike characters, realistic open worlds and much more.

“Providing students with the knowledge and proficiency in game engines like UE5 is about more than making video games – it’s about addressing real-world issues through virtual solutions,” said Dr. Shahriar Khosravi, Computing Science instructor in the Game Development stream. “We’re training our students to use their programming skills in practical ways, with many of the projects from students focusing on training simulations for science education.

One Computing Science student is showing how Unreal Engine can transform concussion victim rehabilitation through their VR soccer goalie simulation, which assesses the patient’s cognitive and motor skills to inform and improve their recovery process.

“As one of only five B.C. institutions to receive this authorization, this is an opportunity to grow and strengthen the breadth of course offerings in Computing Science at Douglas,” said Dr. Khosravi. “Vancouver is a regional hub for the game development industry in Canada. This means that students who are looking for training in this area can look at Douglas as a path to join the industry.”

The academic partnership also secures valuable UE5 continuous learning and development opportunities for Computing Science instructors, as well as provides students with free access to game development assets that would typically require an additional purchase.

Douglas College is the largest degree-granting college in B.C., combining the academic foundations of a university and the employer-ready skills of a college to graduate resilient global citizens who adapt, innovate and lead in a changing world. 

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