Environmental Science

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Code Course Description
SCIE 1108

Quantitative Studies for Environmental Science

This course explores mathematics with applications for environmental science, and related topics in biology and geology. The course will review algebra, and focus on environmental applications of linear and non-linear functions, descriptive statistics, geometry and trigonometry. Problems and cases will illustrate "real world" situations in environmental science.

SCIE 2207

Field Methods for Environmental Science

This course introduces students to work in the field, where data are collected and observations made. The course allows students to learn a number of environmental field skills, including: soil, mineral and rock description and classification; sampling and testing methods for water quality and invertebrate assemblage; mapping methods and air photo interpretation. Most work will take place in fieldtrip situations, with the students organized as teams.

SCIE 2307

Field Research Project

The focus of this course is a semester-long research project involving a field location associated with a particular environmental topic. The project will be analogous to a major project undertaken by an environmental consulting company. Students will engage in data collection and analysis relevant to the environmental issue associated with the field location. Technical report writing and working in teams are required components of this course.