Mathematics Upgrading

Course List

Code Course Description
MATU 0110

Mathematics-Numeracy Level

This course is designed to help students learn basic computations using whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Skills addressed will include the algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; counting, naming and writing numbers; estimating, comparing and measuring; solving word problems; making change.

MATU 0210

Mathematics – Fundamental Level

This course is designed to help students develop and consolidate skills in the arithmetic of whole numbers, common fractions, decimals and percents, focusing on the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As well, students will develop the ability to use appropriate strategies in applying arithmetic to the solution of practical problems, including specific use of proportion as a technique. Other topics include metric measurement, and perimeter, area and volume of simple, common geometric figures and forms.

MATU 0310

Mathematics I

This course deals with a variety of topics in algebra and geometry. It is designed for students with no previous experience in Algebra. Algebra topics include operations with rational numbers; order of operations; roots; powers; rules for exponents; polynomial operations; factoring; solving linear equations in one variable; problem solving and solving linear equations by graphing: geometry topics include perimeter, area and volume of geometric figures and forms; lines, angles and triangles.

MATU 0410

Mathematics II

The course deals with a variety of topics in algebra and analytic geometry including number and number operations, roots and powers; integer and rational exponents; monomial and polynomial operations, factoring ; operations with rational expressions; equation-solving and problems leading to linear, quadratic and rational equations; graphs of linear equations, systems of linear equations solved by substitution or elimination; the graphing and analysis of linear and quadratic equations, and trigonometry.

MATU 0411

Mathematics III

This course deals with a variety of topics in geometry, trigonometry, and algebra - including relations and functions - and meets the requirement for a B.C. Mathematics 11 equivalent. It is designed for students who plan to take further courses in mathematics for transfer credit. Topics include: quadratics; factoring expressions requiring grouping, rational expressions and complex fractions, quadratic equations using the quadratic formula, rational equations and formula rearrangement, radical equations, exponential equations with related bases, relations and functions, direct and inverse variation, sketching graphs and functions, graphing techniques and the determination of equations, and trigonometry.